Android Candy: Gurk—8 Bits of Awesome

Gurk really shouldn't be awesome. The controls are awkward on-screen arrow keys. The graphics make the original Nintendo look state of the art in comparison. The gameplay is slow.

And yet I just spent two hours straight playing it!

Image via Google Play Store

If you ever spent hours and hours battling slime molds in Final Fantasy, or, like me, you feel turn-based fighting is how civilized people should battle, Gurk is made for you. It takes all the old features of turn-based RPG games of the 1990s and puts them into your modern Android tablet.

There are some incredible emulators available for Android, and they will indeed let you play the old classic NES RPG games. The problem is, they all require ROM files that are legally questionable. Gurk provides that same nostalgic gameplay, but in a program natively created for your phone or tablet. And if you fall in love with Gurk like I did, there's also Gurk 2, which costs a couple dollars, but it looks even more incredible than Gurk!

Check it out today at

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