Android Candy: Flickr Uploader

As luck would have it, shortly after I purchased a Flickr Pro subscription, Yahoo decided to eliminate the pay-for option with Flickr and give everyone a free Terabyte of space to store photos. Although I'm still not convinced Flickr is the best way to store photos, I have found it to be very flexible, so for now, my family members dump all their photos to Flickr from all their devices. (And then I back them up with because I'm paranoid.)

On my phone, a Galaxy S4, I find it cumbersome to upload photos directly to Flickr, so I bought Flickr Uploader from the Google Play store, and now all my photos are uploaded to Flickr instantly when I take them. Options are available to limit uploading to Wi-Fi only, or to upload only certain kinds of photos (camera photos but not screenshots, for example). The application is $4.99, but the developer has created "coupons" to get the application for a huge discount or even free.

I find the application to be smooth, stable and incredibly convenient. It's important to realize, however, that if you're the sort of person to take personal or compromising photos, double- and triple-check your settings to make sure you don't upload publicly viewable shots automatically! If you're a Flickr user, check out Flickr Uploader today.

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