Android Candy: Bluetooth Auto Connect

I love my latest Android device (see the March 2015 issue's Open-Source Classroom column for details), but for some reason, it won't automatically connect to my Bluetooth headset. When I turn on my headset, I want it to connect to my Android device so I can start using it right away. In order to make it connect, I have to go into the settings app, then Bluetooth, and then tap the device to connect. Thankfully, there's an application that makes life a lot easier.

Bluetooth Auto Connect is a program that runs in the background. It doesn't constantly poll for newly turned on Bluetooth devices, because that would waste battery power. It has several other ways to initiate the connection though. My favorite is the "connect when powered on" option. Because I always have to turn the phone on in order to start my audiobook (or music), it's not an inconvenience to turn the screen on in order to connect Bluetooth. As soon as the power button is pressed, it connects to my headset, and by the time I open the media player application, it's ready to rock!

Sometimes it's the simplest applications that are the most useful. Bluetooth Auto Connect is one of those. Check it out in the Google Play Store today:


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