And The Winner Is...Desktop Linux!

The results of the Linux Foundation's Third Annual Desktop Linux Survey are in, and the big winner appears to be — you guessed it — desktop Linux.

According to the survey, which had more than double the number of respondents this year, desktop Linux is having a growth spurt, especially in the business market. Forty percent (40%) of businesses with one more more Linux desktops reported they were running Linux on at least half their desktop machines. Oddly enough, more than half reported that pre-installed Linux didn't meet their needs, and that they would prefer to pick and choose their open source products.

A wide variety of distributions were represented in the survey, but the top pick, for both home and business users, was Ubuntu and it's relatives. Red Hat and Novell's SUSE scored in second and third, respectively, among business users, while Debian scored second place among home users. The full results are available from the survey website.

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