Linux Journal Contents #136, August 2005

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #136/August 2005


  • Ultimate Linux Box 2005  by Justin Thiessen, Matt Fulvio, Philip Pokorny, Trevor Sherard and Don Marti
    This is our first Ultimate system to offer 52 channels of audio and Fibre Channel—just in case you need both.
  • Memory Ordering in Modern Microprocessors, Part I  by Paul E. McKenney
    What's your processor doing while it waits for data to come in from slow main memory?
  • A User's Guide to ALSA  by Dave Phillips
    Understand how the 2.6 kernel handles audio, and unleash the synthesizer and mixer inside your sound card.


  • Editors' Choice Awards 2005  by Don Marti
    We want our servers stable, our graphics non-jagged and our drivers GPL. Here's a shopping-cart load of the stuff that makes us happy.
  • The Prime Internet Eisenstein Search  by Bob Bruen and Phil Carmody
    2, 3, 5, 7...pretty soon you're talking big numbers. Fire up your Linux box and join the quest.




  • EOF  by Don Marti
    Inside the Ultimate Linux Box 2005



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