Linux Journal Contents #116, December 2003

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #116/December 2003


  • Floppies for the New Millennium  by Rick Moen
    A practical guide to setting up and working with USB key chains.
  • DVD Players  by Dave Phillips
    Dave compares and tests the best DVD-playing software.
  • DVD Authoring  by Ian Pointer
    Got ideas for TV-based information design, games and Easter eggs? Make them work on DVDs you create with this versatile software.
  • Managing Audio with Pd  by Peter Todd
    Make your band sound like a symphony orchestra from Uranus with this drag-and-drop sound processing tool.
  • Ultimate Linux Box  by Glenn Stone
    We load up the hottest new 64-bit architecture with the hottest new 3-D and storage hardware.


  • Embedding Perl in MySQL  by Brian Aker
    Hey! There's a mistake in this article—Perl code in the middle of an SQL SELECT! Don't you people even read this stuff?
  • Cross-Platform CD Index  by Shawn P. Garbett
    We liked this easy JavaScript-based CD-ROM search system so much, we used it on the 1994-2002 Linux Journal archive CD.
  • DVD Transcoding via Linux Metacomputing  by F. J. Gonzalez-Castaño, R. Asorey-Cacheda, R. P. Martinez-Alvarez, F. Comesaña-Seijo and J. Vales-Alonso
    Strategies for converting MPEG-2 video from DVDs to MPEG-4 for next-generation home media applications.






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