Linux Journal Contents #108, April 2003

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #108/April 2003


  • Control Everything from One Place with Synergy  by Chris Schoeneman
    Run the pointer off the edge of the screen...onto a whole different computer? Forget the KVM switch, and use Synergy to interact with all your systems at once.
  • Scanning with SANE and Other Tools  by Michael J. Hammel
    Here's the software and configuration to make scanning under Linux work.
  • Linux for a Small Business  by Gary Maxwell
    Can you exchange files with customers and keep track of business books with 100% free software? Small-business owner Gary Maxwell says yes.
  • The Grand Unified Desktop  by Marco Fioretti
    Applications for a variety of toolkits are coming together in a free best-of-breed desktop. To work together seamlessly, though, they need to follow important new standards.







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