Linux Journal Contents #65, September 1999

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #65/September 1999



  • Cooking with Linux   —The French Connection  by Marcel Gagné
    Mr. Gagné provides us with several recipes from his famed French kitchen.
  • Natural Selection in a Linux Universe  by Travis Metcalfe and Ed Nather
    Astronomers at the University of Texas-Austin are using the ideas of Charles Darwin to learn about the interior of white dwarf stars—using a minimal parallel Linux cluster tailored specifically to their application.
  • Multilink PPP: One Big Virtual WAN Pipe  by George E. Conant
    MLPPP gives network managers the power to deliver WAN bandwidth on demand using an array of services.
  • Netscape Plug-Ins  by Larry Hoff
    Extending Netscape's ability to handle additional file formats.



  • Kernel Korner   Supporting Multiple Kernel Versions  by Tony Wildish
    Supporting Multiple Kernel Versions Expect scripts to help you support multiple versions of the kernel across different platforms.
  • Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
  • At the Forge   Dynamic Graphics  by Reuven M. Lerner
    Dynamic Graphics Generating graphics, charts and graphs for your web site is easy following Mr. Lerner's instructions.
  • The Cutting Edge   Voice-Over IP for Linux  by Greg Herlein and Ed Okerson
    Voice-Over IP for Linux Make your long-distance calls over the Internet using this new technology for Linux.
  • Take Command   cron: Job Scheduler  by Michael S. Keller



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