Linux Journal Contents #52, August 1998

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #52/August 1998


News & Articles

  • Encapsulating IP Using SCSI  by Ben Elliston
    Mr. Elliston is working on a protocol for using SCSI devices to network Linux clusters in order to transfer data at high speeds.
  • A First Look at KDE Programming  by David Sweet
    Mr. Sweet teaches us how to write an application for the KDE desktop—for the experienced GUI programmer.
  • Linux Stampede  by David Haraburda
    This article tells us a bit about the new kid on the block—Stampede Linux.
  • Muscle Flexes Smart Cards into Linux  by David Corcoran
    The newest kind of card for your pocketbook offers better security for the information it holds.
  • XSuSE—Adding More to the XFree86 Offerings  by Dirk H. Hohndel
    In mid 1997, S.u.S.E. Started to release a small family of Xservers, called XSuSE, that are based on XFree86 and are freely available in binary form. This paper explains who is involved in doing this, why we are doing it, what exactly we are doing and what will happen next.
  • UniForum '98 Report  by Phil Hughes
    LJ's publisher flies to the east coast for the annual UniForum conference and spends more time at Linux track sessions than on the beach.
  • Linux Expo a Smashing Success!  by Norman M. Jacobowitz and Eric S. Raymond
    Read all about it...




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