Linux Journal Contents #49, May 1998

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #49/May 1998


News & Articles

  • Rapid Prototyping with Tcl/Tk  by Richard Schwaninger
    A discussion of rapid prototyping and how it can benefit programmers in creating software to match the customer's needs.
  • CDE Plug-and-Play  by George Kraft IV
    The programming infrastructure, such as ToolTalk, is a major strength of the Common Desktop Environment. This article illustrates client and server plug-and-play through the use of the Desktop's Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
  • The Python DB-API  by Andrew M. Kuchling
    A Python SIG has put together a DB-API standard; Mr. Kuchling gives us the details.
  • Toward Greater Portability: A Quixotic View  by Graydon L. Ekdahl, Ph.D.




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