Linux Journal Contents #45, January 1998

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #45/January 1998


  • Parallel Computing Using Linux  by Manu Konchady
    Various classes of problems lend themselves to parallel computing solutions. This article discusses the concepts and shows how Linux can be used to address the problem.
  • Parallel Processing using PVM  by Richard A. Sevenich
    PVM is a software application that allows you to turn TCP/IP networked computers into a single virtual machine in order to run parallel programming.
  • I'm Not Going to Pay a Lot for This Supercomputer!  by Jim Hill, Michael Warren and Patrick Goda
    Los Alamos National Laboratory and Caltech obtain gigaflops performance on parallel Linux machines running free software and built of commodity parts costing less than $55,000 each.
  • HPF: Programming Linux Clusters the Easy Way  by Mike Delves
    Mr. Delves tells us all about high performance Fortran and how it is used to write code to run efficiently on parallel computers.

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