Linux Journal Contents #30, October 1996

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #30/October 1996


  • What is Java, Really?  by Rudi Cilibrasi
    Let's Skip the hype. This article explains what Java is and points you to the right places if you want to dive in.
  • Flicker-free Animation Using Java  by Paul Buchheit
    Currently the most popular use of Java seems to be in building applets. This article shows you not only how to make an applet, but how to make it look good.
  • That First Gulp of Java  by Brian Christeson and John D. Mitchell
    A relatively new technology, Java has experienced phenomenal growth. Why? Read on.

News and Articles

  • My Next Pentium Is A DEC Alpha  by Bryan W. Headley
    Is a DEC Alpha a solution if you want a really fast Linux system? Here is one person's experience that may help you decide.
  • DEC AXP Review  by Bryan Phillippe
    Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings ... it's Digital's AXP (aka Alpha) computer.


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