What Application Do You Want Ported to Linux?

by Web Editor

A couple of weeks ago, Novell's Cool Solutions on-line
users community site posted a survey asking people what Windows-only
applications they are using that prevent them from switching
to Linux. The survey also asks current Linux users what Windows-only
applications they would like to see ported to Linux. Novell's end goal
is to take the survey results to the vendors and ask them to work
with Novell on making Linux ports available.

On an individual basis, many Linux users for years have been requesting
a Linux port of QuickBooks or Photoshop, to no avail. The standard
response from developers and vendors has been "there isn't enough of a
user base to make Linux ports worthwhile". With this survey Novell is hoping
that many voices united finally will motivate the application vendors.

Last week, Cool Solutions shared the first round of
. So far, the top-three application port requests are
QuickBooks, AutoCAD and Photoshop, respectively. Overall, most of the
requests are for financial and multimedia application ports.

To get your voice heard and your application needs counted, take part in
the Cool
Solutions survey

Heather Mead is the Web Editor of LinuxJournal.com and

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