Product of the Day: Coyote Point E250 SI Series Web Performance Accelerator

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Product: Coyote Point E250 SI Series Web Performance Accelerator

Manufacturer: Coyote Point Systems, Inc.

Address: 675 North First Street, Suite 975, San Jose, CA 95112

Telephone: 877-367-2696

Accelerate Your Network with Coyote Point E250 SI Series Web Performance Accelerator

Coyote Point's E250 SI web performance accelerator is the ideal way to improve your users' online experience through cost-effective server load balancing and traffic management. Coyote Point keeps your network stable and secure from day one, because the E250 SI uses sophisticated, intelligent algorithms to find and resolve failures before they happen.

Easy to deploy and easy to manage, Coyote affordable server load balancing appliance makes good business sense. There was a time when the only way to add more network capacity was to add more servers. Today you can either add servers or add an E250 SI. And frankly, the E250 SI is the best way to expand your network and ensure rock-solid cluster management.

Here's why:

  • Minimize expense: If you have 15 servers you can increase capacity 25% with four more servers. Or you can add one E250 SI, which probably costs less than your last server. That translates into 25% more for 25% of the cost.

  • Minimize risk: From customer-facing web traffic to intranets and partner sites, adding servers adds risk. It also increases complexity and multiplies interoperability woes. And new servers require more rack space and better monitoring, adding even more unwarranted expense.

  • Minimize headaches: Adding an E250 SI is easy. Very little infrastructure is needed. No additional switches or added network tools required. And once the E250 SI is installed, you won't have to unplug a server for updates. You can bring the server down gracefully and the E250 SI will route traffic around it until it's free.

    No one makes load balancing easier or more affordable than Coyote Point.

  • Put an end to crisis management: If you're the one on the line when there's a traffic-management pile-up, you need the E250 SI. It delivers complete flexibility, availability, manageability and scalability. And it will take you out of crisis management without setting off financial alarms.

Coyote Point provides an industry-standard, plug-and-play solution that lets you consolidate resources and maximize the potential of your network without sacrificing one iota of performance.

It's the intelligent, elegant solution:

  • Connect up 512 servers.

  • Add and remove servers or clusters without service breaks.

  • Boost network performance, directing traffic across all your servers.

  • Ensure servers aren't overworked, just used to their fullest potential.

  • Update severs without service interruption.

  • Meet unpredictable demand with ease; handle millions of connections an hour.

  • Get detailed graphical performance stats from any desktop Web browser.

  • Use any mix of servers or operating systems, including Linux, *BSD or other Unix. (It even works with Windows.)

  • Manage your entire cluster with ease, from a single point of control.

Coyote Point takes the guesswork, difficulty and expense out of application traffic management. You'll save time, money and worry with zero downtime, complete scalability and minimal download delays. Our load balancing and traffic management solutions are easy to install and even easier to use. No matter what Internet protocol or operating system is on the table, Coyote Point provides complete traffic management without surprises. For more information about the Equalizer E250 SI or other Coyote Point products, please visit today.

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