Resources for “Dirt-Cheap 3-D Spatial Audio”

by Eric Klein

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA):

Creative Labs Home Page:

Richard O. Duda, 3-D Audio for HCI:


S. Julier and Y. Baillot and M. Lanzagorta and D. Brown and L. Rosenblum BARS: Batlefield Augmented Reality System NATO Symposium on Information Processing Techniques for Military Systems. Istanbul, Turkey, October 2000

Lake Audio:


DirectSound on Microsoft DirectX: Home Page:

Mustajuuri: Audio Application and Toolkit:

Open Audio Library (OpenAL):

Open Sound System (OSS):

ORAD Incorporated:

V. Pulkki, Spatial Sound Generation and Perception by Amplitude Panning Techniques. Helsinki University of Technology, 2001

RME Intelligent Audio Solutions:

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