First-Round Voting in 2005 Readers' Choice Awards

by LJ Staff

First-round voting in the 2005 Linux Journal Readers' Choice awards is underway. The official ballot is available here.

As you know by now, the Web form is gone, and voting is taking place by e-mail this time. We require plain text e-mail for votes, so no HTML or attachments. Send your completed ballots to

Don't worry, we aren't going to spam you, but we are taking reasonable precautions to make sure there's only one vote per e-mail address. We simply are going to count the last vote per address, so if you make a mistake, just send in a new version.

The categories that received the most nominations and the top nominees in those categories are on this first-round ballot. Vote for your favorite in each of the categories and mail the ballot back to us at

Finally, this is the last stage at which you can submit write-in votes. So if your favorite didn't make it to the official ballot, here's one last chance to vote for it anyway. The final ballot will be announced on June 30.

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