Resources for “Securing Your WLAN with WPA and FreeRADIUS, Part II”

by Mick Bauer

Dumbill, Edd, Brian Jepson and Roger Weeks, Linux Unwired. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly & Associates, 2004. This book includes one of the more concise and clear explanations of WPA I've seen, plus detailed instructions on creating end-to-end-Linux WPA solutions.

Roser, Ken. “HOWTO: EAP-TLS Setup for FreeRADIUS and Windows XP Supplicant”: Mostly detailed procedure on configuring FreeRADIUS and Windows XP for WPA using EAP-TLS.

Strand, Lars, “802.1X Port-Based Authentication HOWTO”: A concise but narrowly scoped guide to setting up WPA with Xsupplicant, Cisco WLAN access points and FreeRADIUS to use 802.1x authentication. As of this writing, Xsupplicant supports only 802.1x authentication, not TKIP encryption. is the home page for the FreeRADIUS Project, where you can download the latest FreeRADIUS software and documentation.,9286052~mode=flat—“FreeRADIUS/WinXP Authentication Setup” (by “jbibe”). Another FreeRADIUS+EAP-TLS+WindowsXP HOWTO.


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