A Reading List for Linux in the Classroom

by Joe Ruffolo

Editor's Note: In the May 2005 issue of Linux Journal, Joe Ruffolo and Ron Terry wrote about their project to connect Mountainland Applied Technology College's several campuses while also moving to open-source software. Their article, "Linux in the Classroom: an Experience with Linux and Open-Source Software in and Educational Environment", follows the school's evolving technological infrastructure over a five-year period. Here, Joe offers a reading list of good sources for more detailed information on Samba, OpenLDAP and the other software they are using.

Over the past several years, much of what Ron and I have done in integrating Linux into the educational environment has been accomplished through trial and error. This is due partially to the maturity of the products available under Linux and partially to the lack of HOWTO documents available for what we were trying to accomplish. Fortunately, more and clearer documentation now is available.

Below is a reading list that you may find interesting and useful. Specifically, the HOWTO articles that describe using Samba as a primary domain controller (PDC) in a mixed Linux and Windows environment and using OpenLDAP for single sign-on should prove useful.

Ron and I are assembling some of our notes and modified HOWTO documents, and they are available at the link at the end of this list.

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