Product of the Day: MPP - Message Processing Platform

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Product: MPP - Message Processing Platform

Manufacturer: Message Partners

Address: 271 North Avenue, Suite 1210, New Rochelle, NY 10801

Telephone: 877-302-2027

Locked and Loaded for Security Threats, Choose Your Own Weapons

RAE Internet, a distributor of various antivirus and antispam products since 2001, launched Message Processing Platform (MPP) as its branded solution for your e-mail security concerns. MPP enables forward-thinking security architectures by integrating comprehensive policy tools with embedded security and best-of-breed commercial/open-source technology.

It's directory-enabled policy engine controls how services are applied to your customers or end-users based on your business and technical requirements. This feature allows you to mix and match any of the embedded security features and third party e-mail scanning engines on a per-customer/user basis. This enables you to customize your solution based on your needs--ah, the creativity we seek to be proactive against security threats. The MPP is ideal for e-mail service providers and business customers who require differentiated service and security levels.

The MPP can front-end an existing Exchange, Domino or Groupwise e-mail system or be deployed directly on a Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix, CommuniGate Pro or Surgemail e-mail server. An appliance option is available from their technology partner, Golden Brick ( MPP supports multiple operating systems including Linux (i386 and PPC) , Solaris (i386 and Sparc), FreeBSD and OS X. To get a FREE trial download, click here.

MPP Feature Overview

Multi Engine Control Module: MECM empowers you to deploy single or multiple virus, spam and content filtering engines. Build layered security by defining multiple engines. MECM current support Sophos, F-PROT, Pattern Authority, ClamAV and SpamAssassin.

Email Virus Control: MPP enables fast and robust virus protection on your Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix, CommuniGate Pro or SurgeMail e-mail server or SMTP gateway.

AntiSpam Control: spam engine control and integrated spam checks, such as black lists, inbound and outbound white lists, per user and per domain spam quarantines and more.

Webmin Management: MPP goes beyond simple configuration control with its Webmin module. Monitor logs, update virus signatures, manage quarantine, and configure all are features.

End User Administered Quarantine: Combine our spam review module with SQL-based quarantine and you have end-user based review of spam.

Block Extensions: You may delete, quarantine, discard or reject e-mail with predefined attachment types.

Add a Custom Signature: Tell users that e-mail was scanned, or add important compliance signatures to each e-mail which is scanned

Per user or Per domain Spam Quarantine: Save spam in per user, per domain or per e-mail address specified locations.

GUI Management: The Webmin module makes management of MPP simple and efficient.

Smart Content Filter: Pattern Authority, by Cybersoft, allows you to filter all profane and harassing e-mail with a single command, smart_content_filter. Linguists keep porn and harassing libraries current.

Denial of Service Prevention: Prevent mail bombs by defining max e-mail size to scan and maximum level of recursion.

Dynamic Module Support: MPP daemon core is fast and efficient by only loading modules required for your configuration.

Non-stop E-mail During Configuration Changes: Mppd provides mppd -r command to reload mppd configurations and virus definitions without interrupting e-mail flow. Mppd -s command provides graceful shutdown option.

Extensive Logging: Six levels of logging, viewable with shell or Webmin. Excellent for troubleshooting.

Selective Scanning: Select the domains or users you wish to scan via comma-separated lists, or text files with one address or domain per line.

Customized Warnings: Warn sender, receiver, admin or any combination with your own custom warning messages.

Discard Feature: Stop bounce messages and virus induced spam by silently discarding infected messages.

Extensive Quarantine Features: Quarantine infected messages, messages that fail cleaning, clean messages or messages that cause scanning errors.

Multiple Platform Support: Linux (glibc 2.3 or higher i386, PPC), Mac OS X, Solaris 8 and 9 (i386 and Sparc), FreeBSD (4.8 or higher)

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