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RTLinuxPro 2.1

FSMLabs has released version 2.1 of the RTLinuxPro dual-kernel real-time operating system. New features and capabilities of the RTLinuxPro 2.1 include improved name-space partitioning from the companion OS for better reliability, error detection and debugging support; enhanced VME support for industrial and aerospace/defense applications; expanded support for new CPU architectures; and broadened POSIX APIs for code portability and standards-based interprocess, interthread and device communication. The RTLinuxPro Development Kit for embedded cross-development projects also has been updated for the RTLinuxPro 2.1 release and features the Visual SlickEdit IDE.

FSMLabs, Inc., 115 D Abeyta Avenue, Socorro, New Mexico 87801, 505-838-9109,

ACCPAC Advantage Series Version 5.3

Version 5.3 of the ACCPAC Advantage Series accounting system offers a new transaction analysis feature that enables all users to codify all transactions and have these codes remain with the transaction for its duration. The presence of these tags enables report generation and detail analysis beyond traditional financial reporting. Version 5.3 also incorporates dozens of feature upgrades, including streamlined security options, throughout available accounting modules. Other new features include the ability to create and execute macros from within the ACCPAC Web application. Built-in kitting in the new inventory control module speeds up processing and fulfillment in conjunction with the improved order entry module.

ACCPAC International, 13700 International Place, Suite 300 Richmond, British Columbia, Canada V6V 2X8, 800-773-5445,

SuSE Linux Professional 9.2

SuSE Linux Professional 9.2 is now available for standard 32-bit x86 processors as well as AMD and Intel 64-bit processors. SuSE 9.2 offers Bluetooth wireless support including automatic recognition of Bluetooth-enabled devices by way of YaST. Included Bluetooth software allows users to connect to and move easily among WLANs and other network connections. Other new features and applications of SuSE 9.2 include KDE 3.3 and GNOME 2.6 desktops; 1.1.3; Evolution 2.0; The GIMP 2.0; Inkscape, a vector graphics application; and Nvu, a Web authoring system. Included proprietary applications include TextMaker and PlanMaker, SEP backup software and a demo version of MainActor 5 video editing software.

SuSE, Inc., 1100 Sansome Street, San Francisco, California 94111, 888-875-4689,

Yellow Dog Linux 4.0

Terra Soft Solutions announced the release of Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) 4.0, with 32-bit support for USB-G3s, G4s, G5 Power Macs and through the Freescale Board Support Package and Genesi Pegasos II ATX boards. YDL 4.0 is built on Fedora Core 2 and offers both KDE 3.3 and GNOME 2.6.0 desktops, with a new presentation for both the installer and post-installed desktop environment. Applications included in YDL 4.0 are OpenOffice 1.1.1, Rhythmbox 0.8.3 and Mozilla 1.7; development tools include glibc 2.3.3 and GCC 3.3.3, built on the 32-bit 2.6.8 kernel. Other new features for YDL 4.0 include expanded USB support for peripherals and built-in FireWire support, with bootable FireWire made possible through manual configuration. Dual-head monitor support also is available for PowerBooks and G4/G5 Power Macs. Wireless connectivity is available through the Netgear WG511 54Mb PCMCIA card with D-Link, and Linksys USB card support is planned for the near future.

Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., 451 North Railroad Avenue, Suite 102, Loveland, Colorado 80537, 970-278-9243,

Sugar Sales 2.0

Sugar Sales and Sugar Sales Professional 2.0, open-source customer relationship management (CRM) applications built on a LAMP platform, now are available from SugarCRM, Inc. New features for Sugar Sales Professional 2.0 include a quotes and price list module that allows a salesperson to access and manipulate data about product pricing and to generate a customized quote that can be saved in PDF format. Both CRMs offer lead management capabilities that enable users to track leads generated from marketing programs, external communications or customer inquiries. Both CRMs also include Web-based calendaring, automatic e-mail alerts for new sales assignments, customizable home pages and an increased number of predefined and dynamic reports.

SugarCRM, Inc., 10080 North Wolfe Road, SW3-303, Cupertino, California 95014, 408-873-9872,

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