Product of the Day: Vexira Antivirus Software

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Product: Vexira Antivirus Software

Manufacturer: Central Command Inc.

Address: PO Box 468, Medina, OH 44258

Telephone: 1-330-723-2062

An Emerging Killer Application for the Anti-Virus playing field. Vexira Antivirus

Battling the virus threats for companies is an endless task. One can pop out of nowhere at any time. You have to keep your guard up all the time. Just to give you you a picture of what's out there lurking, the Vexira Antivirus software from Central Command, was updated for 1653 different viruses, worms and other malicious applications during the month of August 2004. This snapshot gives you idea what you have to deal with to protect your email networks.

The table below represents the most prevalent viruses , that Central Command had to deal with this August 2004. The activity level is still robust and August was a slow month for new Virus outbreaks. Central Command has an Emergency Virus Response Team just to deal with new virus outbreaks.

Ranking Virus Name 		Percentage

1.  Worm/Netsky.P 		28.4%
2.  Worm/Netsky.Z 		8.0%
3.  Worm/Zafi.B 		7.4%
4.  Worm/Netsky.D 		3.9%
5.  Worm/Netsky.C 		3.5%
6.  Worm/MyDoom.M 		2.6%
7.  Worm/Netsky.Q 		2.4%
8.  Worm/Bagle.AA 		2.1%
9.  Worm/Netsky.B 		2.0%
10. Worm/LovGate.AH 		1.2%
11. Worm/Bagle.AI 		0.9%
12. Worm/LovGate.AI 		0.8%
	Others 			36.8%

Vexira Antivirus is getting good recognition as one of the best enterprise-class email antivirus solution for large ISP's. It was recently installed in with ISPs in the UK , Portugal, Norway and Spain. "We are extremely proud that large ISP's around the world are making Vexira the recommended antivirus solution of choice," boasts Keith Peer CEO, Central Command Inc.

Vexira Antivirus is a scalable, multi-platform antivirus protection solution for any size network. Using powerful virus scanning technology and active virus defenses, Vexira Antivirus closely monitors for viruses and other suspicious activity on local hard disks, network drives, floppy disks, e-mail attachments and Internet downloads.

Features of Vexira Antivirus include:

  • Virus scans all in-bound and out-bound email

  • Processes high volumes of email

  • Configurable warning notifications to sender, recipient or postmaster

  • Heuristic virus detection

  • Full automatic update of scan engine and virus definition file

  • Detection of malformed messages

Supported Linux x86 (IA32) platforms: Redhat, Red Flag, SuSE, Debian, Gentoo, Mandrake, Slackware

Supported email applications: Sendmail, Postfix, Qmail, Exim

The reviews from happy customers include, Media Capital a leading TV broadcasting, Internet service provider (ISP), web portal, publishing and advertising company in Portugal. It operates its own ISP, IOL ( and various other popular web portals.

"We vigorously stress tested Vexira Antivirus on our production email servers and the Vexira technical support system for over 2 months prior to purchase. We found that it is simply the best Linux antivirus product on the market with outstanding technical support that is responsive and understands the nature of large-scale email systems." said Lourenco de Almeida, Director for E-mail and Online Services, Media Capital Group.

Central Command was founded in 1990 in Medina, an Ohio suburb of Cleveland. It has clients in over 100 countries. They are one of the market leaders of the commercial Anti-Virus software in the Linux space. To demonstrate this market leadership they have introduced the "Safe at School" that enables colleges, universities and K-12 schools reap the benefits of Linux and protect their networks from the over 100,000 known viruses. This program offers educational institutions Virus protection through a yearly fee of $1.79 USD per workstation. Also, included is free staff home office use. Keith Peer, states that "With an industry average educational antivirus software license priced near $19 per workstation, we are offering schools a huge savings."

To promote this initiative, Central Command has made available free of charge a set of three computer security posters to help elevate awareness against Internet security threats. The set of poster topics include: "Understanding the Risks of File Sharing," "The Danger of Email," and "Avoiding the Hook of Phishing Scams." "These posters are excellent tools for use in computer labs, class rooms, and lunch rooms to address and educate students and staff about security concerns. These Free posters are available online from

Security threats will always be there and your strategy in how you deal with it for your business or organization will change with every new virus threat. But you know who you can call, its those guys from Central Command in their white decontamination uniforms to exterminate that next virus.

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