Product of the Day: ShaoLin Aptus 2.0 Desktop Management Solution

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Product: ShaoLin Aptus 2.0 Desktop Management Solution

Manufacturer: Shaolin Microsystems

Address: Unit 324, Tech Center, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Telephone: +852 2352 5568

A Linux Desktop Management Solution for Small Business

Applications to help small business deploy Linux desktops in their organizations are being created. One of these is a "Fit Client" network solution from Shaolin Microsystems. This "Fit Client" network computing environment delivers centralized management, fully client-based computing ability, ultimate reliability and flexibility to Linux desktop.

Shaolin Microsystems solution includes the ShaoLin Aptus 2.0 Small Business server software. ShaoLin Aptus is a middleware that delivers the "Fit Client" network computing architecture by enabling a Linux server sharing its operating system and applications with multiple client PC's over LAN simultaneously and transparently. Once ShaoLin Aptus is installed on a Linux server, all networked client PC's can turn into the Linux-based fit clients in minutes without individual installations and even local hard drives.

However, the fit clients still retain their local independent processing power as traditional PC's to execute programs. This allows centralized desktop management that helps simplify storage management across the whole network. Since OS and applications are run on the clients, the system is flexible and scalable while delivering high-performance. It turns a heavy-administration desktop PC's network to a homogeneous diskless " Fit Client " network, which enhances the centralized management of thin client by fully client-based computing ability with extensive scalability and flexibility.

Increase Manageability and User Productivity

The network architecture enable organizations to deploy a multi-user desktop environment while managing thousands of desktops from a single location, ShaoLin Aptus eliminates the fundamental problems of PC's, but preserves hardware investment without forklift upgrades. It delivers zero-administration and dataless desktops with the highest level of manageability. Management routines are transparent to users, minimizing disruptions and keeping users working, not waiting. Users also can access their work environments and applications from any desktop or laptop. The solution increases manageability and availability of desktops to support daily business-critical operations, and helping staff to work more efficiency.

Lower TCO and Rapid ROI

Open source Linux solutions already save organizations a tremendous amount over the license costs of proprietary software, ShaoLin Aptus promises to keep costs under control by providing unified desktop and network management to simplify the costly task of provisioning and managing user's data and applications across the enterprise. Our customers show that ShaoLin Aptus pays for itself less than six months and reducing desktop TCO more than 50% by minimizing downtime, cutting heavy administration cost, and increasing end-user productivity. Therefore, organizations can maximize the utilization of IT resources and leveraging their existing technology investments more effectively with rapid ROI.

To review the full package with no restrictions, obtain a download here.

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