Product of the Day: Sangoma Advanced Flexible Telecommunication Cards

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Product: Advanced Flexible Telecommunication Cards

Manufacturer: Sangoma Technologies Corp.

Address: 50 McIntosh Drive, Suite 120

Markham Ontario, L3R 9T3 Canada

Telephone: 800-388-2475

Add VoIP to your Linux network infrastruture with this new multi-purpose router that will handle your voice, data and video traffic together.

Sangoma Technologies an early pioneer in the Linux router market with their Wan connectivity solutions has developed a new hardware solution to handle the demands of today's connectivity needs. The convergence of voice, data and video on the network is inevitable. The challenges facing IT managers as they integrate Linux into their network one brick at a time is to find a proven solution provider so the migration goes smoothly.

The Advanced Flexible Telecommunication cards (A101, A102) have been designed to work with lower CPU loads to help companies that want to consolidate their servers or increase current efficiency without sacrificing network speed (132 Mbytes/se) . The Sangoma Media Gateway Advanced Flexible Telecommunication (AFT) series of (FPGA) T1/E1/J1 hardware, helps improves cost efficiency ratios for WAN connectivity . The system works with all versions of Linux (releases and distributions from 1.0 up), FreeBSD, Open BSD and NetBSD.

This new hardware solution is the foundation for Sangoma's future product strategy and offers a unique feature set including:

  • A voice gateway for VoIP soft PBX/IVR based applications (such as Asterisk and Microsoft's new Speech server)

  • FPGA intelligent hardware technology to handle the most intensive applications such as voice, data and video

  • Size reduced: 2U rack size designed for small appliances or large servers (120mm X 55mm)

  • Bus mastering PCI data transfer at 132 Mbytes/sec for maximum performance

  • Cost reduced to maintain an industry leading price/performance router replacement program

  • Harsh environmental usability under extended temperature ranges

Sangoma's next generation of new products consists of:

A101u and A102u- single and dual port T1/E1/J1 - With a list price of US$599 and US$999, these PCI cards replace the 5148 and 5147 and add high-performance TDM voice support

The A101c and A102c support HDLC on each of the T1/E1 timeslots for TDM hub-based applications. Both 8-bit (64kbps) and 7-bit (56kbps) HDLC modes are supported.

Technical Specifications

  • Available as Single T1/E1 port (A101) or Dual T1/E1 port (A102) with daughterboard.

  • Intelligent hardware: Downloadable Field Programmable Gate Array programming with multiple operating modes.

  • T1/E1 and fractional T1/E1, single channel HDLC per line.

  • Optionally available as A101c 0r A102c supporting channelized T1/E1 on either or both ports with any configuration of up to 64 DS0s carrying either transparent bit-streams (e.g. voice) or HDLC data.

  • Power: 800mA peak, operational 300mA max at +3.3v or 5v.

  • MTBF: > 1 Million hours.

  • PCI 32 bit (5v and 64 bit (3.3v) compatible.

  • Temperature range: 0 - 50C.

  • All set-up and configuration is in software or by machine BIOS.

  • DSU/CSU set up entirely in software.

  • Line decoding: HDB3, AMI, B8ZS.

  • Framing: CRC4, non-CRC4, ESF, D4T1/E1.

  • Clocking mode: Normal, Master.

  • Software controlled DSU/CSU test modes.

  • Remote monitoring of card and CSU/DSU operation.

  • Dimensions: 2U Form factor: 120mm x 55 mm.

T1/E1 Status alarms

  • ALOSV: Loss of Signal alarm

  • LOS: Receive Loss of Signal

  • ALTLOS: Alternate loss of Signal Status

  • OOF: Out of Frame

  • RED: Telco Red Alarm condition

  • AIS: Alarm Indication Signal

  • OOSMFV: Loss of Signaling Multiframe

  • OOCMFV: Loss of CRC Multiframe

  • OOOFV: Out of Off-Line Frame

  • RAIV: Receive Loss of Signal

  • YEL: Receive Telco Yellow Alarm

Line protocols: ATM, Frame Relay, X.25, HDLC, PPP, SS7, Transparent bit-stream, BSC.

Operating systems: Linux (all versions, releases and distributions from 1.0 up), FreeBSD, Open BSD, NetBSD.

Higher level protocols: IP/IPX over Frame Relay/ PPP/ HDLC/ X.25, X.25 over Frame Relay (Annex G), BSC over X.25 (DMT and TCOP), SNA over X.25, PPPoE, PPPoA, IP over ATM.

Warranty: Three years parts and labour.

Certification: FCC Part 15 Class A, FCC Part 68, CE.

Diagnostic Tools: WANPIPEMON, SNMP, System logs.

Production quality: ISO 9002

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