Network Security Hacks—100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools by Andrew Lockhart

by Alex Weeks

O'Reilly, 2004

ISBN: 0-596-00643-8

$24.95 US

With the ever-growing complexity of networks, administrators need an intricate array of tools and skills to ensure their network's security. Andrew Lockhart's practical Network Security Hacks—100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools provides an abundance of clever hacks to help fill your needs.

As with the other books in the series, this is a compilation of tips collected from real-world users who have faced the same problems that most of us deal with today.

The hacks range from automating simple system administration tasks, such as checking for patches that have been applied, to restricting permissions on filesystems that rarely change. Concepts are explained clearly, making them easy to understand, yet they still offer advice to seasoned professionals. I recommend Network Security Hacks for relatively inexperienced administrators as well as for experts.

This book dispels the myth that simply having a firewall is a complete security design. As a consultant for several large companies, I've seen how prevalent this idea really is. Instead, the book first approaches security by discussing how to harden your servers. Of course, it still offers tips on firewalls and packet filtering.

Unlike many others, Lockhart's book is comprehensive; covering tips for UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows systems. Because no system or network is impenetrable, meaning every system can be compromised, Lockhart offers a critical approach to minimizing the impact of a security breach. From hardening a server, applied encryption, trending and logging to intrusion detection and incident response, Andrew Lockhart's Network Security Hacks—100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools is an excellent resource.

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