Resources for “Weblogs and Slash”

by Reuven M. Lerner

The main distribution and discussion site for Slash is Slashcode. However, the InstallSlash site provides some good instructions, and the Slash IRC channel is home to a number of prominent Slash developers.

O'Reilly and Associates published a book on Slash, Running Weblogs with Slash, by Chromatic, Brain Aker and Dave Krieger. I have not read this book, but the sample chapter available on the O'Reilly Web site, as well as the table of contents, indicate that it may be a useful purchase, particularly for system administrators less experienced with Apache and mod_perl.

If you need help compiling or installing mod_perl, be sure to consult the mod_perl guide, compiled and edited by Stas Bekman. The guide has grown greatly over the years, and it now contains a great deal of wisdom about the installation, care and administration of a mod_perl site.



Slash IRC channel: #slash on

Running Weblogs with Slash:

mod_perl guide:

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