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Product: InterIM - Instant Messaging Appliance Server

Manufacturer: Deviant Technologies, Inc.

Address: 1200 Boston Post Road, Suite 206

Guilford, CT 06437

Telephone: 866-DEVIANT or 203-458-2330


Satisfy your Paranoid CEO by Securing your Instant Messaging Communications with Deviant Technologies

It was bound to happen any day now. The growth of instant messaging in the day to day business functions of today's high tech driven world. Paranoid CEOs can now be confident that nobody is listening in when staff instant message (IM) each other. Deviant Technologies can set up a private network for you to chat securely.

A Case for Instant Messaging

Daily management of a business is a symphony of small decisions. However, if these decisions do not flow freely, they can hold up critical business functions which may result in missed opportunities. InterIM® provides a secure instant messaging solution that fills the void between the telephone and email.

Instant Messaging is the perfect medium for getting quick answers through direct communication, without the time consuming chore of setting up a meeting. Incorporating InterIM's instant messaging capabilities into your business can actually result in less communications overhead, freeing up time for more productive meetings that focus on issues of greater strategic relevance.

Corporate IM Growth

Instant messaging is quickly becoming the medium of choice for rapid communications in businesses and its use is growing at an astounding rate. In a recent study, the Radicati group has projected that the number of business IM accounts will grow beyond 300 million by 2007 . However, most companies remain vulnerable to prying eyes and government regulations because they rely on public IM networks.

Business Class Instant Messaging

The InterIM® product line provides 512 bit encryption on native instant messaging and logs all messages, whether internal or on the public IM networks, to a relational database where they are archived and can be searched and audited. InterIM's encryption is as powerful as that used by online banks, and meets the requirements for message archiving as set by the SEC and mandated by the NASD in the Sarbanes-Oxley act. InterIM's archival and security features can also help to ensure HIPAA compliance by keeping medical information private.

Management and Administration

InterIM® is designed to be up and running in minutes, not days. Setup requires a few simple steps and can be performed by someone with little or no IT experience. Simply start the server, give it a name and address, import users from your existing directory server via InterIM®'s easy to use Directory Import tools, and your company is ready for secure, archived, instant messaging that is compatible with all your favorite Public IM networks including AOL®, Yahoo! ®, MSN®, ICQ® and Jabber® instant messaging services. Future support for Short Message Service or SMS messaging is planned so messages can be sent to and from cell phone users.

The Deviant Philosophy

Deviant Technologies believes that our customers should not be shackled by expensive client licensing agreements. Our aim is to provide enterprise class products to businesses of all sizes at prices they can afford. InterIM® is no exception. Our appliances provide a full function, low cost low cost instant messaging solution freeing up valuable IT dollars. We believe effective software and hardware solutions are a right, not a privilege. In short InterIM® is easier, less expensive and more secure than our competitors.

InterIM® provides the following features:

  • 512 bit message encryption (on native protocol messages, not the public networks)

  • An integrated, ready to use, and configuration free relation database.

  • The ability to log all instant message traffic to an integrated relational database.

  • Secure Firewall--Built in firewall to prevent unwanted intrusions

  • Corporate IM policy enforcement--set up custom filters to catch key words or phrases and notify administrators and/or users of their use through periodic reports

  • Searchable message logs by name, time/date, and keyword.

  • Instant message conference room creation

  • Future Scalability--the ability to add more users, simply purchase another InterIM® box and sit back while they discover each other and create a single IM environment will be available in October.

  • Compatibility with AOL®, Yahoo! ®, MSN®, and ICQ® instant messenger networks.

  • An integrated LDAP directory server compatible with Microsoft Active Directory, and any other LDAP based directory services. Just point InterIM at your directory server and import all of your users at once.

  • An integrated LCD display with keypad for monitor free "headless" operation.

  • Redundant Raid 0 mirrored hard drive array with hot swappable hard drives.

  • Presence logging

  • Reporting capabilities providing reports on:

    Overall IM usage

    Public vs. Secure IM usage

    Network bandwidth

    User presence statistics

    Database size and growth rate

    System health and uptime


InterIM Small Business

  • Base Appliance: $1,000

  • User Accounts: $15

Inter IM Professional

  • Base Appliance: $4,000

  • User Accounts: $9

Inter IM Enterprise

  • Base Appliance: $10,000

  • User Accounts: $7.50

Pricing shown is for domestic US customers only. International prices may vary. Please contact your InterIM reseller for more information.

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