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Product: eFORMA - Web Forms/Data Management Software

Manufacturer: Groveware Technologies Inc.

Address: 90 Eglington Avenue East, Suite 502

Toronto, ON M4P 2Y3

Telephone: 800-430-6053

Create your own company web forms without doing any HTML code with this JAVA based tool. And even send a thank you note after it is completed.

The debate about Java and Linux coexisting together in the open source world takes another step forward with this web form data management software from Groveware technologies, based in Toronto. This software enables you to create forms for your web site and manage the data your collect seamlessly. The beauty of the this software is that you do not have to go through the learning curve of HTML code to create these web based forms.

eFORMA offers a powerful, versatile and customizable Browser based forms development capability. eFORMA gives users the freedom to create, on demand, customized forms, all without any programming whatsoever. Features include multi-page forms, templates, reusable elements, full design flexibility (colours, fonts, arrangement, etc.). Many options are predefined: text fields, dropdowns, radio buttons, etc.

WebForm Publishing

eFORMA makes it easy to add a form to your Internet or Intranet site. Once the form has been completed, it can be sent for approval and then placed on a Web site for immediate use. Form fields are automatically mapped to a database, as they are created so the form is instantly ready for use. eFORMA can also associate business logic actions with the form, allowing workflow to be automated. For example, an email can be generated whenever a completed form is received.

WebForm Content Collection

Producing the form is only half the battle . Collecting the data from submitted forms can be a time consuming and error-prone task unless it is automated. eFORMA data is captured online and stored in an SQL database for further processing. All of this is done by eFORMA without custom programming or additional software. eFORMA includes up-to-the-minute reporting on forms receipt. And, to ensure full security, forms can be password protected and SSL encrypted. In addition the Form and the Data is kept securely on your server.

WebForm Content Processing

Extracting the form contents is just the first step. The data itself may need further analysis or packaging. eFORMA can perform tasks such as mathematical calculations on fields, merging external data with the forms data, using hidden data, and saving the submissions to Excel spreadsheet tables. Customized interfaces to other applications can be developed easily due to the use of XML data formatting.

Possible Uses of eFORMA

Use eFORMA for:

  • Seminars, Courses, Sports Programs, Staff Training Registrations:

    automatically notify form users that their registration has been accepted or, if the session is full, alternative sessions they could register in or their waiting list status

    keep training coordinator informed of individual registrations by automatically emailing them some of the form field contents

    generate reports on registration statistics

    store registration information in database for use in producing class lists and other training-specific records

  • On line Testing/Exams

    automatically notify students that their test results have been received

    pass non-identifying information to the marker

    store test information in database for automatic scoring

  • Ticket Sales

    automatically calculate ticket cost, sales tax, handling fee, and total sale

    automatically notify form users that their order has been accepted or, if the event is sold out, alternative events they could purchase tickets for

    generate up-to-the-minute reports on ticket sales

    store form information in database for accounting and record keeping

  • Job Applications

    automatically notify job applicants that their application has been received

    send some form information to Human Resources, other to the job manager

    store form information in database for sorting and archiving

  • Requisition/Order Forms

    automatically calculate value of order

    automatically notify form users that their order has been received

    send relevant form information to ordering department

    store form information in database for accounting purposes

  • eFORMA can also be utilized for: On-line Work Submissions, On-line Collaboration, On line Workflow for Project Management.

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