Product of the Day: Real World Linux Product Spotlight - Achieve Higher Network Efficiency with Next Dimension's Monitoring Software

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Product: NetMon

Manufacturer: Next Dimension Inc. - Canada

Address: 3290 Jefferson Boulevard, Suite 103

Windsor, Ontario, N8T 2W8

Telephone: 519-945-2032

Did you know that Internet auction sites, radio stations and adult websites experience the most traffic during typical workday hours?

NetMon, a product from Next Dimension, will weed out all the unproductive network usage. NetMon is a full-featured network monitoring package for small to mid-size enterprise networks. It enables administrators to quickly identify and resolve network issues such as service failures, crashes, traffic bottlenecks and network abuse, intrusion attempts as well as many other threats to network integrity.

Founded in 1997, Next Dimension with offices in Southfield, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario is an outsourcing services company that provides application development, network management, desktop/help desk, hardware sales and service, hosting/datacenter and technology management services.

NetMon can track visited web sites by individual host, and view the amount of activity for each individual site. NetMon can monitor the up/down status of virtually any server or TCP/IP service, as frequently as you choose. When it detects an unresponsive service, NetMon automatically sends an alert using its fully integrated email and pager alert system.

You can attach a NetMon alert to virtually any network event which is monitored by NetMon, including:

  • Failed or unresponsive services or servers

  • Full disks or partitions

  • A specific type of intrusion attempt

NetMon is a complete hardware and software monitoring solution that works right out of the box. It is powered by a sophisticated TCP/IP packet sniffer, which records a fingerprint of every interaction that occurs on your network. Monitor your network activity in real-time and view historical inbound and outbound bandwidth usage with graphical charts.

Choose from a plethora of available reports, including:

  • Today's Most Active Web Users

  • Today's Top Web Destinations

  • Today's Most Active Hosts

  • This Week's Most Active Web Users

  • This Week's Top Web Destinations

  • This Week's Most Active Hosts

  • IP Activity Report

  • Protocol Activity Report

  • Network Connection Report

  • Network Conversation Report

  • Local Web Resources Report

  • Local Web Server Report

  • Host Availability Report (Up / Down Time Report)

  • Host Latency Report

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