Product of the Day: Real World Linux Product Spotlight - A High Performance Computing Blade Server for the Linux Enterprise from IBM

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Product: eServer BladeCenter JS20

Manufacturer: IBM North America

Address: 1133 Westchester Avenue

White Plains, NY 10604

Telephone: 800-426-4968

Linux goes to high performance mode with IBM's Blade servers on power architecture for 64-bit computing environments.

IBM's commitment to offer a server solution for any type of client need is the driving force for their wide selection of product offerings. If your are interested building a network with Linux Blade servers, you obviously have too look at what IBM's is offering this year as the standard to measure all the others against for your final value analysis.

For the uninitiated, blade servers are slim, hotswappable servers that fit in a single chassis like books in a bookshelf -- and each is an independent server, with its own processors, memory, storage, network controllers, operating system and applications. The blade server simply slides into a bay in the chassis and plugs into a mid-or backplane, sharing power, fans, floppy drives, switches, and ports with other blade servers.

The benefits of the blade approach will be obvious to anyone tasked with running down hundreds of cables strung through racks just to add and remove servers. With switches and power units shared, precious space is freed up -- and blade servers enable higher density with far greater ease. For organizations seeking server consolidation a blade server configuration centralizes servers for increased flexibility, ease of maintenance, help reduce real estate costs and saves on staff time.

IBM's eServer Blade Center JS20 is based on the POWER 4 architecture and running the Linux operating system are scalable and affordable solutions that allow you to build on what you have. It's the same proven 64-bit chip architecture that drives some of the world's fastest supercomputers. They also offer a cross-platform standard based solution that helps you take advantage of your current IT investments. POWER technology has been in the marketplace for more than 13 years and has been in 64-bit production servers, used by Global 1000 customers, since 1994.

eServer Blade Center JS20 Features

  • Supports two 1.6GHz PowerPC® 970 processors

  • Derived from POWER4, enhanced by SIMD instructions to provide exceptional performance for compute- intensive applications

  • Up to 84 2-way blades may be installed in an industry-standard 42U rack

    Provides efficient use of space and requires less power and cooling

  • Up to 4GB of DDR ECC memory

    Double data rate, error checking and correction offer high performance with mainframe-inspired fault protection

    Able to handle your data-intensive applications with memory to spare.

  • Supports hard disk drives

    Supports two internal IDE disks

  • Integrated dual Gigabit Ethernet connections

    Enabled to transmit increasing amounts of data at high speeds for high performance network applications.

    Robust design supports teaming and failover 2 high-availability mid-plane connections

    Provides durable and reliable connection to all chassis resources.

  • Blade server interconnects

    Supports an optional 2-port (2GBps port) Fibre Channel Expansion Card (Host Bus Adapter) to deliver a high performance, highly manageable

  • Storage Area Network

    Supports an optional 2-port (1GBps port) GB Ethernet Expansion Card to enable additional Ethernet bandwidth and allow for connection to multiple LAN segments.

  • Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA)

    Helps save time and money by decreasing planned and unplanned downtime.

    Increases uptime by allowing receipt of proactive alerts as much as 24-48 hours in advance.

  • Integrated system management processor

    Increases server availability by continuously monitoring the system and advising of potential system failures or changes.

  • IBM Director and IBM Director Extensions comprehensive systems management tools

    Exploits hardware capabilities by surfacing pertinent information about your system, allowing automated response.

    Helps increase uptime, reduce costs and improve productivity via advanced server management capabilities.

    Provides intelligent system management for rock-solid reliability.

  • Operating system support

    SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 8, Turbolinux Enterprise Server 8 3-year on-site limited warranty for parts and labor

    The IBM Global Services organization provides reliable, dedicated and skilled assistance when you need it.

    Provides peace of mind for an extended period of time.

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