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by LJ Staff
Interactive UNIX Guide

Sunni Micro Lab announced The Interactive UNIX Guide for Linux. This is a computer-based UNIX training system.

It includes 72 interactive tutorial sesssion covering 90 Unix utilities. $110 Cdn/$80 USD.

Contact: Sunni Micro Lab, 1300 Britannia Road East, Suite 208, Mississauga, ON L4W 1C8 CANADA. Phone: 905 795-9292. Fax: 905-795-9291.

Price CAN$110, US$80

SEDIT and S/REXX for Linux

Benaroya announced a Linux version of their SEDIT, S/REXX and S/REXX Graphical Debugger products. The Linux version currently in beta test is available for download along with versions for the other currently supported UNIX™ platforms.

SEDIT is a UNIX text editor patterned after IBM's XEDIT mainframe editor. It operates with a GUI under X windows or in character mode when X is not suitable.

S/REXX implements all REXX language features described in the second edition of Mike Cowlishaw's book, “The REXX Programming Language”, except that numeric digits are limited to 15.

The downloadable software *and* a flat ASCII file version of the WWW document is available via anonymous ftp from directory pub/sedit at See either seditsrexxinfo.txt.gz or seditsrexxinfo.txt (same content) for the descriptive material.

Introductory pricing for SEDIT or S/REXX starts at $99 or both for $160.

Contact in North America: Dave Morris, Barili Systems Limited,10873 W Estates Drive. Cupertino, CA 95014, E-mail:, url:

Outside North America: Benaroya, 31 Rue de Constantinople, 75008 Paris, France, +33-1-47 33 33 24, FAX: +1 47 22 06 17

Price: SEDIT or S/REXX start US$99 each or both for US$160

Linux Internet Archives

Yggdrasil Computing announced a new “Linux Internet Archives”, a new four CDROM containing the latest snapshots of the Linux FTP archive sites from the internet, including: Slackware* **, Debian .93 beta, MCC 1.0+, mini-linux, Jurix, Xdenu 2.0 and SLS,*,*, X11R6 archive*,, JE Linux (Japanese Extensions), and Linux X software.

The disks also contain a snapshot of DEC Alpha Linux port (not a runnable system), and the Internet RFC standards.

The disks contain Boot floppies with fixed version of fdisk for Slackware (in addition to the original boot floppies). 4 CD Set - $19.95.

Contact: Yggdrasil Computing, Inc. 4880 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite 205, San Jose CA, 95129, Phone: (408) 261-6630 fax (408) 261-6631, E-mail:,

Price: US$19.95 for the four-CD set

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