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Product: The Art of UNIX Programming by Eric Raymond

Publisher: Addison-Wesley & Prentice Hall PTR

Address: Pearson Education, 1 Lake Street, #3K17

Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458

About the Author

Eric S. Raymond is, with Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman, one of the three most influential thinkers/leaders in the open-source movement. In 1997, Eric published a technical paper called "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" that explained the astonishing success of Linux as a product of the transparent peer-review process surrounding its development. This paper rocked the world; it shook up a lot of established ideas about software development, gave Linux advocates powerful new arguments, motivated Netscape to release the source code for the Mozilla browser and, some say, helped trigger the tech-stock boom of 1998-1999. Eric maintains over thirty software projects and was for over a year rated the #1 hacker in the world by a hundred thousand of his peers on the SourceForge community development site.

Book Abstract

Writing better software: 30 years of UNIX development wisdom. In this book, five years in the making, Eric Raymond encapsulates three decades of unwritten, hard-won software engineering wisdom. Raymond brings together for the first time the philosophy, design patterns, tools, culture, and traditions that make UNIX home to the world's best and most innovative software, and shows how these are carried forward in Linux and today's open-source movement. Using examples from leading open-source projects, he shows UNIX and Linux programmers how to apply this wisdom in building software that's more elegant, more portable, more reusable, and longer-lived.


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