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JMP 5.1

Version 5.1 of JMP contains a Linux port of the desktop statistical analysis tool. JMP 5.1 can be used to link statistical analysis dynamically with graphics for data visualization. Modeling options are included to help users find root causes of problems when there are multiple variables with nonlinear relationships, when no models are identified and when underlying factors are not measured in data. JMP includes Six Sigma, traditional and custom design of experiment (DOE) tools. New statistical platforms are available for version 5.1 that enable analysis of closely related data points as well as large amounts of data. JMP 5.1 supports Red Hat, Red Hat Advanced Server, SuSE, Mandrake and UnitedLinux distributions.

SAS Institute, Inc., JMP Software, SAS Campus Drive, Cary, North Carolina 27513, 877-594-6567,

Centrus Business Geographics Suite

Group 1 Software announced upgrades to all of the products in its Centrus business geographics suite. Centrus products incorporate embeddable technology and a wide array of third-party data sources to solve operational problems in which location is critical. The Centrus GeoStan system, which corrects and standardizes address data with spatial information, now outputs vendor segment identifiers linked to data from leading vendors. It also outputs block suffixes using the US Census Bureau's TIGER 2002 data. Centrus AddressBroker has been architecturally improved to handle running on multiprocessor Linux machines. In addition, all Centrus products now run on Red Hat Linux.

Group 1 Software, 4200 Parliament Place, Suite 600, Lanham, Maryland 20706, 888-413-6763,


AccuPoll released its new multilingual electronic voting system, which combines the transparency of touchscreen input with the documentation of a voter-verified, printed paper record. The voting station guides voters through the voting process, and votes are confirmed with an on-screen acknowledgement and a paper Proof of Vote printed by the voting station. Once the vote is cast, the AccuPoll system provides an independent, voter-verified audit trail that is recorded simultaneously in multiple locations in both paper and electronic formats. The AccuPoll system meets the requirements of the Help America Vote Act of 2002, as well as accessibility requirements for disabled voters. AccuPoll runs on nonproprietary hardware and open-source software.

AccuPoll Holdings Incorporated, 15101 Red Hill Avenue, Suite 220, Tustin, California 92780,

VxWorks Compatibility Layer

LynuxWorks now is offering a VxWorks Compatibility Layer package to help streamline the porting of VxWorks code to its LynxOS real-time operating system (RTOS). Through the use of this package, applications originally written for VxWorks' flat-memory model can be used with LynxOS, a multithreaded, POSIX-compliant RTOS. The VxWorks Compatibility Layer maintains separate name spaces under LynxOS by allowing multiple virtual VxWorks environments to run simultaneously when required. The VxWorks porting kit also provides recommendations for identifying certain types of code that may require special attention. An extensive list of supported VxWorks calls and limitations on their use also is provided.

LynuxWorks, 855 Embedded Way, San Jose, California 95138, 800-255-5969,

X-treme Alerts Platform

724 Solutions, a provider of next-generation IP-based network and data services, is offering its X-treme Alerts Platform (XAP) on Linux. XAP is an actionable alerting platform tool that allows mobile operators to send easily personalized, permission-based Short Message Service (SMS) and/or Multimedia Message Service (MMS) alerts to subscribers. The latest version of XAP, available in both hosted and in-house deployments, improves performance and reduces TCO for mobile network operators. Additionally, XAP can be used to stimulate adoption of SMS/telephony voting applications by prompting the subscriber to cast a vote. XAP is part of 724 Solutions' X-treme Mobility Suite, which provides a next-generation data network solution for enabling differentiated, personalized premium data services.

724 Solutions, Inc., 4101 Yonge Street, Suite 702, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2P 1N6, 416-226-2900,

LC2430 Debian Laptop

LinuxCertified, Inc., has announced the release of its first Debian Certified Laptop, the LC2430. The Debian model is the newest addition to the LC2000 laptop series, and it comes with preconfigured Debian GNU/Linux. Intended as a UNIX workstation replacement, LC2430 comes with a SXGA+ screen, up to a 3.06GHz Pentium 4 processor (with hyperthreading turned on), up to 2GB of RAM and up to an 80GB disk drive. It also features an ATI RADEON Mobility 9000 graphics card, 64MB of integrated VGA RAM, an Accelerated OpenGL card, a DVD and CD-R/W combination drive and built-in 10/100 networking. The methodology used to test the Debian GNU/Linux distribution on this laptop focuses on installation, configuration and operation; details can be found on the LinuxCertified Web site.

Linux Certified, Inc., 1072 South De Anza Boulevard, Suite A107-19, San Jose, California 95129, 877-800-6873,

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