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Product: TUD-3114 Ultra Dense Blade ServerManufacturer: Tatung Science and Technology, Inc. (TSTI)Address: 436 Kato Terrace               Fremont, California 94539Telephone: 800-659-5902URL:

Tatung Science & Technology, Inc., (TSTI), designs, manufactures and markets a broad line of workstation, server and storage products for Internet, engineering, scientific and clustering applications. The model TUD-3114, TSTI's newest product for the data center market, is the foundation of the company's next generation Ultra Dense Blade Server platform. It features 2.4 GHz low voltage Intel XEON processors; integrated redundant switch blades, management blades, fan and power supply modules; and supports up to 196 Intel Xeon servers per rack, all with low power consumption. The TUD-3114 supports Linux (Redhat 7.3, 8.0 and 9.0), and recently won the award for Best System Integration Solution at Linux World 2003. It also supports Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003.

"The new servers fully integrate all the features that today's extremely cost-conscious customers demand. We have greatly increased the number of servers that can be installed in a single rack, while lowering power usage requirements using high performance processors. At the same time, we have reduced the weight and number of wire connections, and also provided powerful data management software for deployment, platform, power and workload management," according to Dr. Kam Chan, president of Tatung Science and Technology, Inc. (TSTI), a U.S. subsidiary of the multi-national Tatung Company. "Customers will benefit from the increased performance of the blade server environment, while saving on power consumption, all in one manageable package."

System highlights include:

High Density: The TUD-3114 integrates 14 server blades in a 3U chassis, delivering 196 servers with Intel Xeon CPU in a standard 42U height rack--more than four times what is currently achievable with the "thinnest" 1U servers today. Effective density is even higher since the TUD-3114 also integrates dual Gigabit Ethernet switches and dual Management blades (called M-Directors), each of which would normally consume an additional 1U of rack space.

Low Power Consumption and High Performance: Based on Intel's LV Xeon 2.4 GHz processors, each TUD-3114 server blade consumes low power but with the high performance of a Xeon processor. This power efficiency not only yields a direct savings in power costs for the data center, but also reduces air conditioning costs by a similar factor and minimizes UPS or backup generator provisioning.

Highest Manageability: The TUD-3114 servers deliver unmatched levels of manageability, through the use of Amphus' ManageSite product. Consisting of the Management blade (that "plugs-in" to the server chassis just like a server blade) and network-based management software, ManageSite delivers integrated Deployment Management and Platform Management. ManageSite enables data centers to: (a) reduce IT staffing overhead; (b) reduce capital expenditure on servers; (c) minimize recurring power costs; and (d) increase server uptime and availability.

Scaleability, High Availablity, and Serviceability: The TUD-3114 is inherently scalable and can be easily serviced due to its modular bladed design and the hot-swappability of its components. All blades, power supplies and fan modules are hot-swappable. Additionally, the system builds in high availability, with multiple server blades, redundant switch blades, management blades, power supplies and fan modules. This design means that the system allows no single point of failure.

TUD-3114 Reduces Weight by Up to 4 Times: The total weight of the fully loaded TUD-3114 is approximately 100 lbs. or 7.1 lbs. per server blade. This allows data centers to reduce the weight of its servers by up to 4 times, when compared to the average 29 lbs. of a comparably-equipped 1U server. This significant weight reduction is especially important for data centers located in upper floors of buildings.

TUD-3114 Server Blade Overview and Specifications


  • CPU: High performance and low power Intel LV Xeon processor running at 2.4GHz

  • Memory: Supports up to 4GB of ECC registered DDR266 memory (two DIMM slots)

  • Accommodates single IDE, 2.5" hard disk drive

  • Dual 1GB Ethernet NICs--Connect to 2 Switch Blades

  • Intel chipset: E7501

  • Integrated MCOP (Management CO-Processor): Custom chip facilitating server blade management by ManageSite

  • Integrated metal Guard Plate acts as:

    • Heat sink for better heat dissipation

    • Insertion guide for easy installation and serviceability

    • EMI shield

    • ESD protector

    • Rigidity enhancer

    • Protection plate to prevent damage during handing

  • Video controller with VGA and SVGA resolutions

  • Integrated KVM (Keyboard, video, mouse) connector at front--enables attended installation of OS and applications

  • Supports USB CDROM and FDD

  • Hot Swappable

  • Activity indicator LEDs for CPU, primary and secondary networks, and HDD


  • OS support: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and Linux (Red Hat 7.3 and 8.0).

  • Rapid deployment support: Windows 2000., Windows Server 2003.

  • PXE-enabled BIOS--facilitates network-based OS and application installation

  • Diagnostics firmware

  • Server Management Agent (SMA): Optional software component works in conjunction with MCOP chip to facilitate server blade management by ManageSite.

TUD-3114 Switch Blade Overview and Specifications

  • Layer 2 Ethernet switch

  • Supports VLAN and trunking

  • Serial COM port for VLAN , trunking configuration control (control can be done through ManageSite).

  • Delivers 14:1 Ethernet cable consolidation for TUD-3114-based servers, eliminating the cable management problem for data centers

  • Three external copper Gigabit ports

  • 20x 1GB ports

  • 3 external uplink ports

  • 14 to Server Blades

  • 2 to Management Blades

  • 1 to the other switch blade

  • Packet buffering

  • Supports half-duplex and full-duplex communication

  • Auto-negotiation for speed, flow and duplex control for 1GB ports

  • Supports IEEE 802.1 and IEEE 802.3x flow control

TUD-3114 Management Blade Overview and Specifications

  • High performance embedded processor / IO processors for hardware and routing control

  • Internal AMPC serial channel (star network) communication controller to monitor voltage, temperature, speed of each blade and module. It has the capability to cycle power, shut down and reset any module.

  • Two internal Ethernet ports to provide redundant communication to internal and external networks. One external Ethernet for remote out of band control

  • Automatic switch over for high availability

  • Redirect serial console of any server blade over Ethernet for remote terminal server function

  • One DB9 serial port for software installation

  • Supports Wake on LAN

  • Supported by ManageSite Software

Tatung Science and Technology, Inc., is a leading provider high-end workstations and servers, and a U.S. subsidiary of the over $7 billion, multi-national Tatung Company. Tatung Company is a worldwide provider of products for the computer, communications and consumer markets.


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