WorldWatch Week in Review

by Willy Smith

While my ISDN line was being installed, I suffered through almost a week with no Internet connection. As a result, there was no "WorldWatch Week in Review" last week. But now I have a real connection, so here is two week's worth of news.

We had two articles from Japan. First, Panasonic announced a switch from MS software to Linux for its multimedia entertainment systems. We also read about China being urged to join Japan and Korea in sharing Linux R&D efforts.

Moving West, we saw another promotion of the Linux revolution taking place in a province in India.

From Europe, Slovenia has announced its FLOSS policy, and the FSF has made a position paper available about basic FLOSS concepts.

Crossing the pond, we have notes from Canada on copyrights and patents that especially relate to FLOSS concepts. From the US, we featured an open letter to Microsoft, some ideas for an Open Source Society, more on cyberterrorism with a link to a live luncheon in November and a feature on PCs as art.

We also posted an article that essentially is a "Help Wanted" advertisement for FLOSS teachers anywhere in the world. And, of course, we had a blurb about SCO.

See you next week!

Willy Smith is the Editor in Chief on WorldWatch.

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