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Product: Net Op - Network Management SoftwareManufacturer: Danware; Cross Tec Corporation, US DistributorAddress: 500 NE Spanish River Boulevard, Suite 201               Boca Raton, Florida 33431Telephone: 561-391-5820URL:

Imagine controlling your network on any device where there are no technology barriers. Today's sophisticated networks need a software that works with any alien technology, just like in an episode of Star Trek.

Danware is a company that specializes in developing remote-control software for PCs, an application it helped pioneer nearly a decade and a half ago. They are best known for their NetOp Remote Control and NetOp School products. Headquartered just outside Copenhagen, Denmark, the firm markets its products through a network of NetOp partners serving 70 countries worldwide.

NetOp Remote Control technology enables the remote controlling of computers across various operating systems and communication networks regardless of the geographical location of the PC=92s being controlled.

Now, with NetOp Remote Control v7.6, customers can use a PDA, notebook, tablet or desktop PC to remotely control Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac workstations.

Key Benefits of NetOp

Real security: The program supports everything from individualized passwords and user rights to fully centralized security management. Automated timeouts, 256-bit encryption and session recording further protect the system from abuse.

Real cross-platform: NetOp supports all commonly used platforms, including all Windows systems (including Windows Server 2003), Windows CE, ActiveX, Linux, Solaris, Symbian OS and Mac OS X.

Real fast: The program's tight modular code, outstanding screen transfer algorithm and rapid screen updates mean it delivers outstanding performance even when bandwidth is limited.

Real stable: NetOp offers remarkable stability, achieved by not replacing any Windows drivers and through performing regular self-checks on vital settings on the host machine. These precautions severely reduce the risks of system failure.

Real scalable: NetOp is an incredibly flexible system able to evolve in tune with your business. Deploying additional NetOp licenses does not influence network performance since traffic is only affected by active NetOp sessions (not the number of NetOp modules loaded). And upgrading from a point-to-point connection to an enterprise-wide WAN is remarkably simple.

"Security is a key reason NetOp Remote Control is now the remote control product of choice among professional users," explains Jeff Bowser, Director of Technical Services for CrossTec, the distributors of NetOp in the USA. "The Directory Service features not only provide better security, they also allow extra flexibility and lower TCO by enabling customers to re-use their existing authentication and authorization infrastructure."

Version 7.6 of NetOp Remote Control can significantly improves performance. Intensive focus on TCP/IP traffic has led to speed increases of up to 40% on some network configurations, drastically reducing the transfer time for large amounts of data. Cross-platform speed has also been increased in NetOp Remote Control v7.6, enabling faster remote control of Windows Hosts from platforms such as Linux and UNIX.

Licensed owners of NetOp Remote Control v7.6, which was released in June, will want to download the latest NetOp build (2003-246) which was released on September 9, 2003. The new version build includes three pages worth of feature enhancements including a new Guest Setup Wizard option for additional speed, optimized security settings, additional support for Terminal Services and Citrix sessions, Linux and Solaris graphics enhancements and much more.

For additional information and links to the latest build please visit our Web site.


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