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Product: ExtenXLS, Java-Based Reporting ToolManufacturer: Extentech Inc.Address: 1032 Irving Street #910               San Francisco, CA 94122-2200Telephone: 415-759-5292E-Mail: sales@extentech.comURL:

Go ahead make your day with this Java reporting tool and keep all your Windows people happy, for now.

You can still get your Excel spreadsheet reports and still switch to Linux, just add this Java reporting tool from Extentech. ExtenXLS is a 100% Java reporting tool which can generate native Excel files for dynamic data such as web site usage reports, financial analysis, and statistical charting. ExtenXLS can be used to create Excel files which contain all of the features that users need including any charts, formatting, text, and numerical data -- all without running any native code on your server.

Extentech the creators of ExtenXLS is a developer of Java components and development tools including the Luminet Free J2EE server and ExtenXLS Java/Excel toolkit. ExtenXLS uses a simple Java API to bind database values to individual cells on the worksheets, developers can use a single Java command to generate an Excel file which merges the template with the data. With Java being 100% compatible with Linux you don't have to waste all the money invested in Windows workstations for now and switch everything.

End-users can use an Excel-compatible applet to view the generated Excel files, or the files can be downloaded by browser and opened by any Excel-compatible program. The Toolkit is especially easy to use in Servlets and JSP pages, and allows you to stream dynamic Excel files to users visiting your web site.

The latest version features:

  • Create hyperlinks for cells -- perfect for drill-down reporting

  • Serializable WorkSheets for copying between WorkBooks

  • Control of fonts and cell formatting without templates

  • Completely revised and updated documentation, sample code, and sample templates

  • Hidden and Very Hidden WorkSheet support

  • Copy Sheets containing Charts with one method

  • Performance improvements for faster, more scalable reporting

  • Improved String compatibility

  • Streamlined, simplified API, provides more power with less complexity

  • Add Java Dates directly to WorkSheets

So go ahead make your day and use this Java tool and save a little money in the process as you switch to Linux. Extentech knows a little about Linux, as they migrated to Linux in the past year and saved $50,000 in the process.


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