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Product: CanIT Pro AntiSpamManufacturer: Roaring Penguin Software; RAE Internet, US DistributorTelephone: 914-712-9050URL:

They're Back. Those Dreaded Spam Porn Messages and those Evil Windows Viruses

Here is a solution to fight those invisible companies and people sending you messages to get your attention. It seems that the term junk mail has a new meaning in cyberspace, while at least it is eco-friendly, no trees are cut down to deliver the message.

CanIT is an antispam software created by the developers of the popular open source program MimeDefang at Roaring Penguin Software Inc. CanIt scans email for Spam (using Spam Assassin + extras) and Viruses (F-Prot, RAV, or a host of others). CanIT is based on MimeDeFang and breaks a message into mime parts to do stuff like blocking attachments, filtering attachment types or mime types, hand off to virus scanners such as F-Prot, and talk to Sendmail.

CanIT includes SpamAssassin with a custom set of rules and extra spam checks including an elegant 'TempFail' mechanism that tests all new senders. You can create a great defense against spam for a variety of attack scenarios to keep you system safe and secure. You can:

  • Store spam for review by an administrator and allow them to create domain specific wbl's, review domain level spam, and set custom content filters.

  • Store spam for some users and let them, or an admin, review their spam and create their own wbl's. Mark spam for other users and deliver. Delete all spam for others. Do any combination for any user or any domain.

  • Create 5 pre-defined service levels and let users opt in to the level they want with a radio button.

  • Create tight controls for porn sensitive users while letting others get all spam.

  • Let users login and self administer spam, wbl's etc, but authenticate against an existing LDAP server.

  • Define email "streams" (email policies) applied on a per receiver basis, not one policy for all recipients like many group based programs do

  • Streams can be created on a global, per domain, per user basis, or any combination of these. Streams may be predefined, or they may be dynamically spawned based on templates to avoid creating streams for each user if per-user policy is deployed. Dynamically build per user streams with CanIT.

  • CanIT scores a message based off SpamAssassin; create a stream policy that decides what to do with that score

  • Spam is then held for review where a user or admin can take one of 10 actions on the email, from adding it to wbl list, to discard, to reject, etc. Many say 'Great, another place to check for spam, our users will never do this." No problem, CanIT can deliver spam with marked headers, ignore it, completely reject or discard it or whatever you prefer.

    RAE Internet is the US Distributor for CanIT Pro, providing all US-based sales and support. RAE Internet is a provider of antivirus, antispam, and groupware solutions.


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