Open Letter from SSC President to The SCO Group

by Phil Hughes

Dear SCO Folks:

Being on your press release list, I regularly receive your musings. The fact that they first appear to be legal in nature but actually come from a PR firm amuses me.

That said, on to the important stuff. I would like to inform you that SSC is a Linux user--a long-term Linux user. In fact, we upgraded from SCO UNIX to Linux about ten years ago.

Open Letter from SSC President to The SCO Group

SSC President Phil Hughes, who upgraded from SCO UNIX to Linux ten years ago, at the 1998 Future of Linux conference. Photo: Jim Howell, Linux Gazette

Some other amusing data points from along our road to Linux use include:

  • I interviewed Brian Sparks of Caldera years ago. We agreed that the only reason Caldera had a product was because SCO hadn't put Linux in a grey and yellow box with its name on it.

  • Technical support on Linux always has been better than it is on SCO Xenix or UNIX. We actually get quick answers from the people that know whenever we have had a problem.

  • Today, there is a Linux system on everyone's desk at SSC as well as Linux-based servers in the office and our web servers in Costa Rica.

  • SCO FUD has made for great entertainment, interspersed with articles about governments around the world embracing Linux on our new WorldWatch Web site.

So, why this letter? Well, I would like to make it easier for you folks to know where to find another Linux user if you still are running your protection racket. The office address for SSC is in your copy of Linux Journal (I know there are people at SCO that get Linux Journal).

Finally, this letter is being written on one of my Linux systems. There are six others here. Send your lawyers to Calle Paula, 100m este, Carretera Alajuela a Carrizal, Alajuela, Costa Rica. I will be happy to give them a quick introduction to Linux.

Phil Hughes, PresidentSpecialized Systems Consultants,

Phil Hughes is the publisher of Linux Journal.


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