WorldWatch Week in Review

by Willy Smith

This week on WorldWatch, we had an amazing anomaly: even though two of the articles were about SCO v. Everyone, the most popular article was about how certain page links have become illegal in Spain. In another interesting article from Spain, a university professor talks about how Internet usage studies show a need for basic changes in our democratic systems.

In Russia, some of the basic Linux documentation is now available on-line in HTML format, for those who speak Russian and who have Cyrillic character support for their browsers.

Although suits against SCO have been filed in several other countries, it's been relatively quiet on the US front. But this week a major supplier of Linux, Red Hat, has filed a suit against SCO and made another important announcement. Shares of SCOX traded lower, as we expected and predicted in a humorous article on Sunday. This article also provides links to pages for insider trading information and short interest figures, both of which seem to indicate in substantive ways what's really going on with both the suit and the stock price.

On Saturday I ventured forth and published a few of my own opinions and musings on topics that currently interest me. While no one has commented yet, the article has received a good number of reads. As interest has been expressed here in Costa Rica, we'll be talking with others in person about these subjects. As I continue to spend a lot of time reading the Linux and OSS goings-on in many different countries, my understanding and opinions are developing in ways I didn't expect. Also, I'm meeting many interesting people both in person and over the Net. So, in the future I will be posting some of my own opinion and idea articles. As always, your comments and article submissions are greatly appreciated, as they help us to understand what resonates with you and what does not.

Willy Smith is Editor in Chief of WorldWatch.

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