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Product: Delixus 8.0Manufacturer: Delixus, Inc.Address: 1160 Ridgemont Place               Concord, California 94521URL:

The Power of Linux for Windows System Administrators

Delixus 8.0 is the first comprehensive, integrated, and easy to use system administration tool that enables a Windows administrator to control a Linux server using only his or her knowledge of Windows. Delixus 8.0 is designed for anyone with Windows experience who needs to quickly and easily install, setup and configure a Linux server.

Delixus 8.0 is comprised of a complete suite of servers that include a unified, simple, and familiar user interface that runs on Windows and remotely connects to Linux over the network or Internet. Delixus is the ultimate combination of the simplicity of Windows and the power of Linux.

Delixus 8.0 is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) through its focus on ease of use, reliability, and low prices.

  • Delixus Web Server is offered free of charge

  • Delixus 8.0 Standard Suite is $99

  • Delixus 8.0 Advanced Suite is only $479

Using Delixus, an SMB can save substantial amounts of money on critical software, such as web servers, email servers, DNS and DHCP servers, plus file servers. Delixus 8.0 seamlessly integrates with existing Windows networks using native Windows protocols. In addition, Delixus 8.0 provides a unique upgrade opportunity for users of Windows, whereby Delixus can act a Windows-compatible file server, can emulate a Windows domain server, and costs a small fraction of alternative solutions.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

There are over 1.5 million Microsoft Certified Professionals, while the combination of the top five Linux certifications, including Red Hat, boast only 13,856 certification holders. Windows administrators are by far the largest pool of system administration talent. The overwhelming majority of professionals are therefore Windows experienced, require lower salaries, and help to lower the TCO of Windows servers. Delixus has tapped the pool of Windows professionals to lower the TCO of Linux servers.

According to a recent study by IDC (and funded by Microsoft), TCO comparisons between Windows and Linux gave Windows a lower TCO in 4 out of 5 categories. However, the study also indicated that up to 62% of server costs were due to system administration expenses, an area where Microsoft benefited from the large pool of Windows system administrators. The study also found that Linux would have a lower TCO than Windows in 5 out of 5 categories if it had the same pool of system administrators. Delixus leverages the vast pool of Microsoft experienced administrators and turns them into fully capable Linux administrators, thereby significantly reducing the total cost of ownership for Linux servers.

Delixus 8.0 helps an SMB reduce the largest component of server costs, namely system administration by enabling Windows administrators to install, configure, and control Linux using their existing skill sets without the need for retraining.

Empowering Windows Administrators

Delixus provides a user-friendly, familiar Windows-based GUI complete with a vast online help system. Usable defaults are provided for each Linux server so that Linux configuration takes just a few simple steps. The administrator need not be a trained Linux professional with a detailed knowledge of the internal workings of Linux.

Delixus provides the user with an amazingly simple view of Linux by removing needless complexity, converting Linux specific terminology into industry standard terminology, and adding powerful extensions to Linux that provide users with the features they expect. Only Delixus provides so much power that is so easy to control.

Delixus was designed with the user in mind and focuses on a simple, easy to use interface.


The Delixus Standard Suite consists of eleven modules, including:

  • File Server for Windows

  • Web Server

  • Firewall

  • Computer Browser (similar to Windows Explorer)

  • Users and Groups Manager

  • Services

  • Control Center (which consists of Add/Remove Programs, Network Configuration, System Properties, Date/Time, Shutdown/Reboot)

The Delixus Advanced Suite includes everything in the Standard Suite, plus the following servers:

  • Email Server

  • DNS

  • DHCP

  • File Server for Linux/UNIX

The Delixus Web Server, which is available for free download at, includes:

  • Web Server

  • Services

  • Control Center

Delixus servers provide a full featured, user-friendly GUI, ease of setup and powerful secure remote administration capabilities. They empower the SMB to combine the ease and facility of a Windows desktop with the power and stability of Linux. More importantly, Delixus 8.0 helps to significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of Linux servers.


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