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Product: Software Configuration SystemManufacturer: Perforce SoftwareAddress: 2320 Blanding Avenue               Alameda, California 94501Telephone: 510-864-7400URL:

A FAST Software Configuration Management System

The Perforce SCM system is a comprehensive software configuration management system that streamlines the software development process for organizations working with multiple operating systems and in multiple physical locations.

This high-powered SCM system, which runs on more than 50 operating systems, provides software developers an easy-to-use tool for version control and workspace management, with atomic change transactions. Perforce maximizes efficiency by managing work on local disks and providing for online backups.

Perforce SCM features a scalable client/server architecture. Requiring only TCP/IP, developers can access the Perforce Server through a variety of Perforce clients. Perforce can be deployed quickly and easily, and requires minimal administration, even for large or distributed sites.

Perforce was built to provide maximum control with minimum interference. Perforce gets its high performance from an intelligent implementation on top of a strong model, rather than thousands of features. A precision tool, Perforce was made for organizations filled with energetic, productive software engineers -- with the occasional "hero" thrown in -- working to make the breakthrough product and to define the leading edge.

Last month, Perforce released its new graphical user interface (GUI), the Perforce Visual Client (P4V), for the Linux and Macintosh platforms. Complementing Perforce's existing interfaces -- command line, Windows, Web, and IDE plug-ins -- the new full GUI for Mac and Linux brings Perforce to all developers.

"With the Macintosh, we've always been there and never been there," said Christopher Seiwald, founder and chief technical officer of Perforce Software. "We've supported it all along, but our interfaces were geared toward customers with their primary development on other platforms, with the Mac as a porting platform. Now we have the first class SCM tool for Mac developers, period. And it's easy to see that Linux is no longer an esoteric domain: mainstream development efforts require an easily accessible SCM tool. P4V is that."

"I work remotely and Perforce is much faster than other source control systems I've worked with," said Dan Maser, software developer at Interactive Intelligence. "3I used the Beta release of P4V and really liked its native look and feel."

P4V was written with Trolltech's Qt, a multiplatform C++ application development framework. This allowed Perforce Software to write one application that runs on both Linux and Mac OS X operating systems, yet ensures a native look and feel and the performance that Perforce users have come to expect.

Currently, nearly 90,000 developers at 2,200 organizations worldwide use the Perforce SCM system. Companies that use Perforce on Linux operating systems range from small software start-ups to large corporations, including Transmeta , Citrix, Macromedia, PalmSource, Electronic Arts, NVIDIA and National Instruments, just to name a few. Perforce's international clientele includes the German software giant SAP AG, Deutsche Bank, and Symbian.

Headquartered in Alameda, CA., "straightforward" is Perforce Software's motto for conducting business. The Internet is our primary means for customer interaction and our Web site,, features all the important product details. Our main message is "download and decide for yourself." The full-blown product is available for a trial period and evaluators are encouraged to take advantage freely of our expert and responsive technical support.


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