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Lindows 4 and LindowsCD

LindowsCD is a version of Lindows 4 designed to run from a CD-ROM without installation or setup. LindowsCD includes many features of Lindows 4, the newest full version of Lindows OS. Features found in both Lindows 4 and LindowsCD include hardware detection, Bayesian spam filtering, a new IM program and multimedia support for MP3, Real Audio, Real Video and Macromedia Flash. LindowsCD is designed for educational and training environments and Linux testing. When LindowsCD is removed, the computer reverts to its original state., Inc., 9333 Genesee Avenue, 3rd Floor, San Diego, California 92121, 858-587-6700,,

PCS-620 Wireless SBC

Octagon Systems released a compact SBC that combines wireless, Ethernet, serial and industrial I/O and comes with Linux onboard. The card supports up to 512MB of SDRAM and 2GB of Flash over a CompactFlash socket. The PCS-620 incorporates a low power 300MHz Pentium processor and supports dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports; four serial ports; RS-232/444/485; a CardBus port for wireless, GPS or other devices; dual USB ports, dual AC97-compatible audio, CRT and flat-panel video to 1280 × 1024; parallel, floppy and EIDE ports; and an ambient temperature sensor. The CompactFlash requires no drivers and is compatible with most OSes.

Octagon Systems Corp., 6510 W 91st Avenue, Westminster, Colorado 80031, 303-430-1500,


SpamPlug, from, Inc., is an outbound antispam product. Based on the SpamCure filter for inbound mail, SpamPlug monitors e-mail traffic on its way to the Internet; spam is rejected or held for review while other messages are delivered immediately. SpamPlug uses a constantly updated spam signature database to detect spam, improving chances of catching actual spam messages and lowering the potential for false positives. SpamPlug installs quickly on a dedicated server or can co-reside on the e-mail server., Inc., 205 De Anza Boulevard #200, San Mateo, California 94402, 650-655-7700,

Meteor Laptop

Based on the Sharp Actius MM10, EmperorLinux's Meteor is a two-pound, one-half-inch thick laptop with Linux pre-installed. The Meteor MM10 comes with full Linux hardware support for X, sound, USB, PCMCIA, Wi-Fi, networking and more. The laptop features a 10.4" Active XGA TFT that runs X at 1024 × 768 × 24bpp with SMI Lynx graphics. It also has a 1,000MHz Crusoe processor, 512KB of L2 cache, 256MB of RAM, a fixed 15GB hard drive, one type II PCMCIA slot and two USB ports. The USB cradle allows you to treat the MM10 as a USB hard drive while it is off, so you can mount the MM10's drive from other Linux boxes and sync. The Meteor can be installed with the EmperorLinux, Slackware or Mandrake distribution, with an option for a dual boot with Microsoft Windows XP. It also comes with a care package, one year of support and various options.

EmperorLinux, 900 Circle 75 Parkway, Suite 1380, Atlanta, Georgia 30339, 770-612-1205,


Trolltech's new QSA (Qt Script for Applications) toolkit enables Qt applications to be scriptable. Adding a few lines of code to a Qt application enables it for scripting and extending. QSA has four components: QSA SDK, a kit for making applications scriptable; Qt Script, a multiplatform interpreted scripting language; QSA Workbench, a scripting environment; and Input Dialog Framework, a GUI API for writing dialogs. With these components, users can prototype changes in already-compiled applications, write test scripts, customize applications, provide script-based fixes for already-released applications and more.

Trolltech Inc., 1860 Embarcadero Road, Suite 100, Palo Alto, California 94303, 650-813-1676,

OpenPDA Development Studio

OpenPDA Development Studio for the AMD Alchemy Solutions DBAu1100 is a joint effort by Metrowerks and AMD to offer a platform for building low power consumption, high-performance personal connectivity devices. OpenPDA Development Studio combines software, the Alchemy processor, memory capabilities and peripherals on a single board. The MIPS-compatible processor operates at speeds up to 500MHz using .5 watt of power. OpenPDA includes hardware and software for gaming, multimedia player, browsing and Java applications, as well as a PIM suite. The platform includes an embedded Linux kernel, Qtopia, the Jeode JVM and Opera.

Metrowerks Corporation, 9801 Metric Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78758, 512-996-5300,,

Magnia SG30 Wireless Server

Toshiba's SG30 Wireless Server enables collaboration by providing fast and easy file sharing, printer networking and Internet access. Designed for use in small- to medium-sized businesses or remote offices, the Magnia is about the size of a laptop and enables data sharing in and away from the office. In addition to Internet and printer gateway Web caching, content filtering, backup capabilities, e-mail services and remote administration, the Magnia also supports 802.11b IEE Wi-Fi. It comes with three PCMCIA slots for wireless LAN PC card support, a built-in wireless access point, a Celeron processor with 256KB L2 cache, 256MB of memory, 128-bit Wi-Fi encryption, a configurable firewall and VPN, up to 160GB of storage capacity and two 2.5" EIDE drive bays.

Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., 9740 Irvine Boulevard, Irvine, California 92618,

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