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Product: IT in a Box SeriesManufacturer: EmergeCore NetworksAddress: 1450 Eagle Flight Way, Suite 238               Boise, Idaho 83709Telephone: 208-947-8555URL:

EmergeCore Networks develops high value, low cost, integrated information technology (IT) solutions for small business. The combination of EmergeCore software and hardware bring simplicity to Internet connectivity.

The Problem

Today small businesses that want to connect to the Internet have to purchase and manage several pieces of hardware and software to bring all the services they need to their business. These might include a router, a switch, an email server, a firewall, a LAN, an FTP server, Web-site functionality, a VPN server, and the list goes on. Often this hardware/software can be difficult, complex, and costly to acquire and manage for the small business owner, who then most typically turn to a consultant, Internet Service Provider (ISP), or other recommender for help. Current solutions also come with a $5000+ price tag. Further adding to the complexity of the problem, if the customer's current system uses Microsoft software, the customer is forced into a new licensing program for software that will add complexity and additional recurring cost.

The Solution

The answer to this growing problem is the EmergeCore "IT in a Box". This all-in-one approach lowers cost and complexity in providing Internet connectivity functions to the small business segment much like the All-In-One copier/printer/fax/scanners have done. The hardware, called the IT-100, combines the functions of several separate units including a router, a switch, and a server/computer. To these were added a wireless access point, which provides the convenience of being unwired/portable and the cost savings of not having to wire every access point on the local network. However, the real secret to this product concept lies in the proprietary software. The CoreVista Web software also combines many features found in several separate software programs. These include email servicing, a virtual private network, web hosting, web monitoring/statistics, FTP service, firewall, backup/restore, password security, remote management capability, web mail access from any computer worldwide, and others. Not only is the software feature-rich, but it is also written with a windows-like graphical user interface (GUI) so the business owner never has to enter any Linux command-line code. Never has Linux been more easy to use. Therefore, it is very intuitive; and at $1395, it is affordable for the small business owner. This combination of being simple, yet full-featured and affordable makes it revolutionary in the small office, home office, branch office, and corporate franchise markets, truly delivering "IT in a Box".

The Product

EmergeCore's "IT in a Box" products integrate a 4-port-switch, router, and application server in one, low-cost platform that is easy to use. This solution gives the small business the ability to employ IT functions at low cost. The easy to use system does not require a highly trained administrator. The IT-100 incorporates a Firewall, File Server, E-mail server (including Web based Email), FTP Server, Proxy Server, DHCP Server, NAT Server, and a Web Server, with the ability to host multiple domains, complete with integrated graphical Web Statistics per domain. The IT-100 has built in Alarms & Monitoring so the small business owner knows if any problems arise on the network. With the built in Wireless LAN Access Point, a small business can have a flexible network, without wires, saving the expensive task of wiring an office. With the built in VPN Server the small business has the ability to remotely and securely connect to the office network. The VPN Server allows multiple remote offices to securely connect to the head office. Even a novice networking person can feel comfortable setting up and using the IT-100 in a matter of minutes. An office staff member can easily handle all of the setup functions, or if they choose, the local ISP, CLEC or a consultant can administer the unit. The low cost, easy to use, IT-100 from EmergeCore Networks makes a great, low cost, feature-rich solution for a small business.

EmergeCore products are focused on providing simplicity while combining almost every feature the small office needs in one box to integrate its business with the Internet. The company's strength is grounded in the CoreVista Software, with its Windows-like GUI, which has been developed with a design goal of providing an easy to use Web-enabled management tool. It allows a business owner to install, manage, and maintain a suite of commonly used IT services without the need for advanced skill sets in networking and computing. The "IT in a Box" product line consists of the entry-level IT-100 unit, which is available now, and the IT-500 unit, which combines a DSL model or T1/E1 access card, four more access ports, additional removable disk drives, and more software features. The IT-500 will be available in September 2003. These units range in price from $1395-$2450 retail with the CoreVista Software.

At the present time, the original design goals have been met and additional features are being evaluated for incorporation in new product. Initial acceptance of the EmergeCore product has been exceptional.

EmergeCore Primary Target Market Segments - 2003 into 2004

  1. SMB (Small-to-Medium Businesses)

  2. ISP (Internet Service Providers) and CLEC (Regional Communication Companies)

  3. Small Office - Home Office (SOHO) - Telecommuters

  4. Branch Offices of Large Entities / Corporate Franchises


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