WorldWatch Week in Review

by Willy Smith

Because this was a slow week for scandal and FUD, we allowed our penguin and mouse to wander into a few more esoteric sites. We hope you find something that piques your curiosity and imagination.

The University of Texas has put many of Edsger Wybe Dijkstra's extensive writings on-line for free download. It's worth the time to peruse these writings, and there is probably something for everyone whether you're technically inclined or not. We also linked to a German study that finds there may be some eventual legal issues with free software if and when any lawsuits result from its development and use in Germany. We also linked to a poll from Germany showing that German internet users really don't want to pay for downloads if they can get the same thing for free, despite generally easy access in that country to on-line payment systems.

According to another study, attitudes in the UK towards free software are changing for the better--even though a member of the organization that published the study says the UK is a third-world country in its usage of free software to date.

We also had an interesting time looking at a supercomputing news site, linking to some articles from Although not specifically a Linux site, it has been devoting a lot of space to Linux!If you live in a developing country, you may be especially interested in this idea from Malaysia for inexpensive distribution of free software. Edsger Dykstra's call for simplification is echoed in this low-tech snail-mail based scheme.

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