WorldWatch Week in Review

by Willy Smith

This week on WorldWatch, the most popular story was a paper covering a large sucessful migration to Open Office in France. But the most significant news is that eight large consumer electronics companies have announced the formation of a group, CE Linux Forum, which will adapt and optimize embedded Linux for their products.

We also posted a paper from Oxford which makes a good argument that Open Source projects are less prone to bugs. The news that the EU was delaying its vote on software patents was welcome; we also saw three articles in the French press about the whole issue of software patents.

The Free Software Consortium, in recognition of Linux's increasingly important role in the public sector, announced Gonux, a suite of applications currently in use in many Latin American countries. We also saw IBM continuing to encourage Linux use in the Middle East; this article includes a link where you can obtain Arabic language support for Linux.

Willy Smith is Editor in Chief of WorldWatch and lives in Costa Rica.

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