WorldWatch Week in Review

by Willy Smith

This week, the most popular article on discussed Monica Lochner-Fischer, a political candidate in Munich, Germany, who made quite a statement about Linux in her campaign. Lochner-Fischer also made a comment on her web site to the effect that Microsoft was free to bid on installing Linux in Munich if it felt snubbed over the city's recent decision to use free software.

In more news from Germany, Interior Minister Otto Schily said he wants Germany to be the world leader in Linux.

In two articles from France, we covered the Reporters Without Borders call for critical thinking and responsible Internet usage, as well as the City of Rouen's conference on Free Software. Ironically, that conference partially is sponsored by Microsoft.

We unsuccessfully tried to ignore the SCO v. IBM fracas, mostly because Eric Raymond came out with an updated position paper that probably will become an amicus curiae brief in the case.

We also reported on "Free Music Licenses". This article contains the famous Courtney Love essay on the music business, which provides yet another perspective on why this type of licensing is becoming more popular among musicians themselves.

We also included links to the original and some translations of the correspondence between Microsoft and Edgar Villanueva in Peru, which makes many good points about the necessity for free software in open, democratic societies.

Lastly, we noted that a Russian boxed Linux release is now available. It's the first of its kind in that country to include extensive printed documentation and complete multi-tiered support.

Willy Smith is Editor in Chief of WorldWatch and lives in Costa Rica.

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