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Product: Spatial SoftwareManufacturer: GenaWare Inc.Address: 2530 Meridian Parkway, Suite 300               Durham RTP, North Carolina 27713Telephone: 631-754-3020E-Mail: jonp@genaware.comURL:

Spatial Technology Available on Linux through GenaWare

GenaWare Inc. a spatial software company with operations in North America, Europe and Australasia. GenaWare applications are designed for the management, analysis, modeling, deployment and display of spatial information. This includes traditional geographical information systems, spatial data warehousing and location based services. Using GenaWare software, location information can be distributed across an enterprise or over the Web and beyond. GenaWare provides solutions for e-business, e-government, telecommunications, defense sector and enterprise spatial portals for a wide range of business activities.

The increasing role spatial technology is playing in business process calls for a flexible range of high performance enterprise spatial computing applications. Whatever your requirements GenaWare can deliver the functionality you need for GIS, decision support systems, personal productivity applications and mobile location services.

GenaWare is open standards compliant and is supported on Linux, UNIX and Microsoft operating systems. The current GenaWare product range includes:

  • World Viewer - A Windows desktop spatial client.

  • GeoVisJ - A Java client that delivers spatial functionality through a standard Web browser.

  • GenaServer - Java servletts that spatially enable industry standard Web servers.

  • GenaMap - An enterprise class vector and raster spatial database processor.

  • RasDB - A high volume raster storage and analysis solution.

  • GenaWare SDKs - C libraries for low level system integration.

GenaWare products GenaMap and GenaServer have received RedHat Linux Ready Application status (March 2003). The GenaMap suite of spatial tools and core GIS software are available on Linux ready IBM eServer pSeries systems. This partnership with IBM is lowering the cost for customers deploying the Linux operating system on 64-bit processor technology.


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