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Product: Linux OS DistributionManufacturer: Xandros CorporationAddress: 300 Earl Grey Drive, Suite 320               Kanata, Ontario, K2T 1C1 CanadaTelephone: 613-842-3494E-Mail: sales@xandros.comURL:

Can Linux and Microsoft coexist together happily? Yes they Can!

The Xandros Desktop is one of the first providers of a complete Linux-based desktop environment with Windows compatibility, taking Linux to the next level on the path to mainstream adoption.

Xandros' Desktop (Based on the former Corel Linux OS) is easy to install (just 5 clicks of a mouse) and is compatible with many of the most popular Microsoft applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, MS PhotoDraw, and Quicken. Xandros Desktop also includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with enhanced editorial and graphical features that is practically indistinguishable from its Windows counterpart.

Second in importance to simplicity is compatibility. Compatibility, in the context of a desktop operating system, encompasses much more than simply being able to open and create popular file formats such as Microsoft .doc and .xls files. Compatibility also means: a familiar environment, applications that you have used before, adherence to open standards, and fitting into a Microsoft Windows networked environment. Xandros delivers this kind of compatibility and more.

Xandros uses a hybrid open source code with proprietary features that provide significantly better security than Windows. This is due to Xandros' more manageable code base, the utilization of a team of international elite programmers constantly improving the code, and a better fundamental design. The Xandros team includes the world-renowned developers and architects of the Corel LINUX OS. Consequently, the Xandros Desktop is not plagued by glitches and is free from thousands of workarounds that bloat code, slow the computer and make expensive hardware and software upgrades necessary.

Xandros Desktop
  • Simple, powerful and complete Linux desktop operating system

  • The first Linux desktop that installs out of the box alongside Windows XP with NTFS resizing capability (Deluxe only)

  • Ability to run many Windows applications via Code Weavers CrossOver Office & Plugin products (a US$79.95 value included with Deluxe only)

  • Free North American shipping and handling for Xandros Desktop Deluxe (limited time offer)

  • Xandros Desktop Deluxe Edition only US$99.00

  • Xandros Desktop Standard Edition special introductory price only US$39.95 plus shipping and handling


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