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Product: Security SolutionsManufacturer: Symtrex Inc.Address: 202 Jane Street                Toronto, ON Canada M6S 3Y9Telephone: 416-769-3000E-Mail: sales@symtrex.comURL:

A Security Solution for Small and Medium Business using Astaro Security Linux 4.0

Implementing cost effective security solutions for the small and medium sized business market have been difficult. Without having a dedicated IT person to ensure appropriate patches are applied, mull over log files, not to mention if a new virus has assaulted your network, or that your email server has now been bogged down with Spam emails, it can be a never ending battle for companies. Not to mention the costs associated with having a fully functioning firewall solution. Symtrex's security solutions for the small/medium business have been designed to ease the burden.

With two different categories, Office (under 25 IPs) and Professional (under 100IPs), the solution is built using Astaro Security Linux 4.0 preloaded on an appliance device. It has an easy to use and understand Web Admin interface allowing even Linux newbies the ability to configure the firewall. The biggest advantage for companies is automatic updates of the software against the latest security vulnerabilities, email spam blocking, and email notification when attacks occur. With the latest release there is also support for a wireless 802.11b network interface.

Symtrex's appliance devices, which are preloaded with the software enable companies to quickly and easily get a firewall up and running in no time. All devices come standard with three on-board network interfaces (internal, external and DMZ). Also offered is a firewall complete with a wireless network card installed.

Symtrex Inc. is a privately-held company located in Toronto, Ontario. Symtrex's niche is providing Managed Security Solutions for the Small/Medium sized companies. By specializing in network security architecture, Symtrex can provide the right sized solutions for companies, from a simple firewall that is controlled and monitored by the individual company through to a fully managed/monitored firewall/email solution, complete with web site (URL) blocking and virus and Spam filtering for emails.


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