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Product: Two Port Serial HubManufacturer: Equinox Systems, an Avocent CompanyAddress: One Equinox Way               Sunrise, Florida 33351Telephone: 954-746-9000E-Mail: sales@equinox.comURL:

Equinox ESP-2 MI Provides Network Connectivity Anywhere on the LAN

Equinox's ESP-2 MI compact, 2-Port serial hub provides versatile support of multi-interface applications in industrial/manufacturing environments and across a broad range of commercial operations such as hospitality, medical and security access control. Through direct connection with the ESP-2 MI, serial peripherals without LAN ports can be enabled to function as IP-based devices. The ESP-2 MI provides users with rapid TCP/IP connectivity, advanced management diagnostics, simplified installation, unique RS-232/485 configuration modes, dual power inputs and DIN Rail mounting options.

The ESP-2 MI simplifies serial peripheral access by providing LAN connectivity for two serial devices via standard DB9 ports that can accommodate RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 connections. In addition, it has full support for multi-drop applications in RS-485 mode. With options for desktop, wall, cabinet or standard DIN rail mounting, the compact ESP-2 MI is flexible enough to install anywhere on the network with ease, and without clutter, via its standard 10Base-T port.

The ESP-2 MI has 32MB of SDRAM and 4MB of flash to make devices respond with direct-connect speed, and its superior management tools, compact design and economy mean that as the network grows, it is easy to open more ports or add other serial devices wherever and whenever they are needed.

Important Features
  • TCP/IP Connectivity: Removes the distance between serial peripherals and server

  • Optimal Installation: Versatile mounting capabilities enable quick deployment in desktop, wall mount and/or DIN-rail environments

  • Multi-interface support: RS-232/422/485 support provides connectivity to virtually any serial device

  • Dual Power Inputs: Multiple input power connection options allow for either a detachable barrel connector or a secure latching connector with screw-type clamp terminals for power source connection

  • Modem Support: Dial-in via external modem Operating system support for Windows 2000/NT/XP, AIX, Linux and SCO OpenServer/UnixWare

  • One-click "Replace" Option: Enables addition of a new unit to the network without reconfiguring installation parameters

  • EquiView Plus: Equinox's Diagnostics and Management Console supports the ESP Serial Hub family

EquiView Plus Advantage

Monitor and manage on a port-by-port basis serial devices connected to the ESP-2 MI Serial Hub. EquiView Plus is the only SNMP-based network management software that simplifies serial I/O diagnostics and management with its 'built-in' datascope.

Important Features
  • Network Management and Monitoring

  • Point and click ESP port views and statistics using pause/resume or even add additional statistics to configuration files.

  • View TCP segment measurements for connections between locations in real time in Server Monitor view.

  • Diagnostic and Troubleshooting

  • Capture data to files for analysis with Datascope.

  • Select from multiple views or freeze captures based on text strings or control signals.

  • Troubleshoot cabling, configuration and hardware with EquiView Plus' exclusive built-in break-out box diagnostic tool to save both valuable time and unnecessary equipment expense

  • Intuitive Three-level Help Displays

  • Rapidly build ESP management skill with schemes that enable administrators to easily identify features and functions.

Target Audience

The ESP-2 MI provides versatile support of multi-interface protocols for industrial/manufacturing environments and commercial operations.

  • Applications

  • Industrial Automation

  • Process Control

  • Back Office

  • Medical/Healthcare

  • Retail POS

  • Hospitality

  • Security Access Control

Product Details

ESP-2 MI:US list price - $349.00

ESP-2 MI:Industrial Accessory - Sold SeparatelyOptional mounting kit for 35mm DIN RailsEquiView Plus Connection Manager - Included


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